Deputies arrest suspect in Shandon crime spree

September 22, 2018

Larry Harvey

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested on Friday the suspect in a crime spree that included several vehicle thefts and a home burglary in Shandon. [Cal Coast Times]

On Thursday afternoon, Larry Charles Harvey, 27, allegedly started his crime spree by stealing a truck, which he later crashed. He then allegedly stole a ranch utility vehicle he drove to a home he burglarized. He then left the area driving another stolen car.

On Friday, a witness spotted Harvey outside a residence in the 100 block of South 7th Street in Shandon. Officials had considered Harvey armed and dangerous and residents were advised to lock their doors, secure their vehicles, and to not leave keys inside their vehicles.

When deputies arrived on the scene, Harvey ran away. He led Deputies on a foot chase through a nearby riverbed, into backyards, and through a home before deputies caught him near the intersection of Calle Carmelita and E. Centre Street in Shandon.

Harvey was arrested without incident.


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This type of guy is the reason we used to have tough laws, but with reforms in bail and sentencing I expect he will be out by Tuesday and if convicted serve one whole year in county jail..

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