Atascadero teacher allegedly victimized at least 20 kids

September 22, 2018

Chris Berdoll

A 48-year-old Atascadero Unified School District teacher who allegedly videotaped his female students’ underwear victimized at least 20 children, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. [Cal Coast Times]

Chris Lynn Berdoll is now facing 44 felony child pornography charges. Berdoll is a sixth grade teacher at the Atascadero Fine Arts Academy.

On Aug. 30, the Atascadero school district notified the city’s police department about a teacher who had possibly video-recorded the undergarments of female students. Investigators then searched Berdoll’s Atascadero home and officers arrested him.

Police referred the case to the district attorney’s office on Sept. 13. Investigators have since identified several additional victims, leaving the total number of known victims to be 20, a DA’s press release states.

Prosecutors on Friday charged Berdoll with a total of 44 felony counts related to the production and possession of child pornography. Twenty-four of the counts consist of allegations that Berdoll used children under the age of 18 to pose or model alone with others for the purpose of preparing photographs to depict child pornography.

Police have previously said it appears none of the children victimized were physically molested. The DA’s office, though, is currently withholding further information about the victims.

Both Atascadero police and the DA’s Bureau of Investigations are continuing to investigate the case. Authorities are encouraging anyone with information that may lead to additional victims or witnesses to contact the Atascadero Police Department.

Berdoll is due to be arraigned at 8:30 a.m. Monday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court. At the arraignment hearing, prosecutors will seek a criminal protective order to prohibit Berdoll from having any contact with any of the victims in the case.

The county sheriff’s office website does not list Berdoll as currently being in custody. Berdoll is on paid administrative leave from his teaching position.


At least 20 alleged victims and you want to tell me there hadn’t been whispers among others in the administration for sometime of a problem with this teacher and yet for whatever reason they kept their mouths shut.


And on it goes. Just another case of those in government or educational jobs who get caught doing something they have to know is wrong and against the law (ex. the police officer in Paso who has been on PAID administrative leave since May). Yet they also know that their strong unions will protect them and that they will still get paid, plus accrue retirement benefits.

It will never happen in super-liberal CA, but why shouldn’t there be a clause in the employment contract for all government and educational jobs that states the following :

I (fill in name) fully understand that during my employment if I am charged with a crime or felony, I will be immediately place on UNPAID leave and all retirement benefits will cease being accrued. If the charges are determined to be unfounded, then all back pay and withheld benefits will be reinstated. Do you know why something along this line will never happen? Because it is too damn simple.


I take it no one who has posted so far is a teacher, nor has a degree in education.

Unions DO NOT protect predators or pedophiles. Laws do. And not laws made by “Lib-tards”. As a lifelong conservative, I know politics play a small part of a teachers day.

Laws that protect pedophiles and predators have been created by both parties. We need to stop playing politics, and start focusing on wrong versus right. Normal people know the difference. Abnormal people do not. Abnormal people don’t give a crap about politics. I doubt they even vote. This man is evil. Unions do not protect the evil, nor make lawful decisions about prosecution. That’s your D.A. and their ability to prosecute based on state law.


You say politics play a small part of a teachers day?

That’s not the impression that I and many people observing what is going on at some of the Universities in this country think.

I think the comment made regarding the Unions is not to protect the predators and pedophiles but the fact that these public employees when are charged with a crime are put on Administrative leave and still receive their pay. In my opinion if they are charged by a District Attorney they should be suspended until the case is adjudicated. At the same time the person might be allowed to draw funds from their retirement fund and then depending on the result of the legal system either be fired or if found not guilty be reimbursed for the funds from their retirement that were withdrawn and any back page that is owed.


I’ll agree unions don’t protect predators…..they protect union members PERIOD.


These guys just don’t learn, Berdoll, Cosby, Weinstein, Clinton, dozens, if not tens of dozens of criminal acts are uncovered when they are caught. Hey, where are all the other women Kavenaugh attacked? Why aren’t they coming forward?


Caught red handed with kiddie porn and he’s on administrative leave….

Man, you have to love a union that takes care of its paying members like that!


That is exactly why you say NO to pay raises because of situations like this. It’s up to the unions to help police themselves.


That is why it is called Teachers Union. It exists to protect and benefit teachers, not students.