Keith Gurnee vows to stay above the fray

September 25, 2018
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


As a candidate for mayor of San Luis Obispo, I want to bring your readers awareness of what I’ll be doing to “stay above the fray” in conducting a positive campaign for elected office:

I’ll abide by the letter and substance of the League of Women Voters’ “Civility Resolution”, the document that should serve as the moral compass for all candidates in this campaign.

I will respond to my opponent’s actions only in the spirit of “disagreeing without being disagreeable.”

I’ll take the high road, not the low road, throughout my campaign.

I’ll respect my opponent, regardless how this campaign unfolds.

I’ll only speak the truth of what I know to be the truth.

My campaign will not remove any candidate’s yard signs.

These are contentious times in the community I love. All of us running for office, not just the mayoral seat, owe it to ourselves and to our community to be respectful of each other in running campaigns that accentuate the positive. That’s my pledge to stay above the fray, and I remain confident that all candidates will join me in this endeavor.

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Good for you Keith. Keep your head up and never lower yourself to the level of unprofessionalism of the current politicians of SLO.

If the SLO Progressives(Socialists)want to be like Germany (Democratic Socialsts) they would stop tearing down any exisisting building.In Germany even closed factories can not be torn down they can be turned into indoor malls,restaurants on what ever but the building must retain its original form.This saves on building materials and stops filling dumps.

Aye, thanks for the obvious. I know only too well what this is about. but stay above the fray I will.

What is going on with ads and such we see and hear, such as we need ms harmon a PROGRESSIVE, or some such dither, this seems to be in just about any ad for some hack running for office, why do we need a progressive all I see these types do is jam things up look what they have done downtown SLO or the dipwads we have in Morro Bay what they have done with the sewer and now they want to tear down some older buildings to make way for some new touristy trash,I’m sorry but maybe I’m a little behind the “new times” and kinda like the old,I shurly hope that T K lives up to what he is telling us maybe things will slowly turn around.

I respect the sentiments of Mr. Gurnee, but he must remember that the type of person he is running against lives by “the ends justifies the means” morality. There is no limit on the depth of deception, false innuendo, character asassination and shameless theatrics the Harmon camp will do. They will send surrogates and proclaim innocence. She is not fit for public service. Gurnee , hopefully you will have the chance to “right the ship” soon.


Even as Keith Gurnee takes the high road, I think we can all count on Heidi Harmon to be impetuous and sanctimonious in how she campaigns for reelection.  I attended a recent candidates forum attended by both Keith Gurnee and Heidi Harmon, and Ms. Harmon threw a temper tantrum, and left the forum!

As SLO mayor, Heidi Harmon has acted hypocritically, and she refuses to even listen to other voices and differing opinions.  She has refused to listen to the majority of SLO residents who DO NOT want ‘bike highways’, and she also refuses to stand up to out-of-town developers who want to ruin SLO and embrace high-density housing.  Heidi Harmon and Carlyn Christianson have pursued radical, progressive Berniecrat’ politics, and now the historic downtown district is threatened with explosive growth, eight story towers and inadequate parking.

Perhaps most shamefully, Harmon and Christianson accept campaign cash fro the same developers they are giving sweetheart deals to, and I only wish their actions were investigated for criminal wrongdoing.  Harmon should explain her ties to these developers.

Let’s all be civil, but also speak truth to power.