Fearmongering over fracking confuses voters

October 12, 2018


There is no fracking in San Luis Obispo County, and even Measure G supporters admit that the county’s geology doesn’t support fracking. What Measure G will do is shut down existing oil and gas production in San Luis Obispo County, along with the jobs, tax revenue and economic activity it supports.

Measure G would lead to the loss of 230 good-paying jobs directly related to oil and gas production in SLO County – and even more jobs in local businesses that depend on the oil and gas industry. Those jobs are vital to the people who hold them and the families that depend on them.

It’s baffling that Measure G activists are willing to sacrifice those jobs to ban something – fracking – that isn’t happening in SLO County.

Oil and gas produced here is consumed here in California – not exported abroad. Shutting down oil and gas production here will increase our dependence on imported foreign oil from countries with poor environmental and human rights regulations.

Oil and gas produced in SLO County is done so under the highest regulations in the world and provides more than 200 local jobs.

Let’s keep it local. Vote “No” on Measure G!

George Bailey


Vote NO on Measure G.

Stop the oil & gas shutdown.


Reelect Jim Hill as AG Mayor

Dump Caren Ray


Fracking is safe, stop being afraid of your own shadow…the US has been fracking for generations…life on the planet didn’t begin the day you were born and every generation before you were afraid of something….chill out…