Marijuana delivery service seeking to set up shop in Santa Margarita

October 10, 2018

A mobile medical marijuana service is seeking to create a delivery hub in Santa Margarita, which would be the first pot business to open in the community. [KSBY]

Sungrown Wellness has applied for a conditional use permit that would allow the delivery business to open a brick and mortar shop on El Camino Real by the entrance to Santa Margarita. The San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission will consider approving the permit application during its meeting on Thursday.

Sommer Shahan, the owner of Sungrown Wellness, said the shop would be a hub where the product is stored, and it would be very low key. Drivers would come, pick up their orders and head out for the day to make deliveries, Shahan said.

The proposed location of the business is in an industrial zone. However, residents live across the street, and they say they are concerned about security and the type of crowd the business may draw.

Shahan said the pot delivery hub would have 24-hour live-feed surveillance cameras, fencing secured with wires and other security measures, as required by state and county rules.

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I’m pretty certain that zero “neighbors” complained or expressed worry about having a perfectly legal, peaceful business open near them.

No, it’s most likely politicians who say crap that gets printed as fact who are posing as “neighbors” simply because they don’t like people getting permits without massive payments, worship, sacrifice and boot-licking. As long as the local politicians need to fee important and necessary, they’ll continue to fabricate stories of worried neighbors, etc.

If it’s legal then expect it in you neighborhood, downtown and elsewhere. The support for this has been all about the money in tax revenue, almost as though paying taxes makes it legal. So what is the definition of extortion, bribery or conflict of interest? As for this drug, it should be sold at the liquor store or pharmacy.

It’s a plant, Jorge. Keep the alcohol and pharmaceuticals separate. No one has ever overdosed from cannabis. How many people died from alcohol and pharmaceuticals? Don’t mix up the good stuff with the poison, Jorge.