Vandal splatters Arroyo Grande signs with paint filled Christmas ornaments

October 10, 2018

As a new police officer was sworn in at Arroyo Grande City Hall Tuesday night, with most of the police department in attendance, a vandal drove around town throwing glass Christmas tree ornaments filled with brown oil base paint at Jim Hill for mayor signs. [Cal Coast Times]

The vandal caused more than $1,800 in damage to property in Arroyo Grande.

In addition to damaging a dozen Jim Hill for mayor signs, the vandal damaged a commercial sign, a fence, a retaining wall and multiple driveways.

Detectives are conducting interviews, and reviewing surveillance videos from public cameras and privately owned surveillance equipment. Officers have identified a suspect, and if the evidence pans out, plan to make an arrest.

“We have identified a suspect,” said Arroyo Grande police Sgt. Shawn Cosgrove. “If we can prove the charges, and it meets the threshold of damage to the signs or collateral from the paint spatter, we will file felony charges.”

If detectives determine the amount of damage is $400 or higher, it becomes felony vandalism.

“I am glad to hear the police have a suspect and they are pursuing it,” Mayor Hill said.

fat chance

I saw on the news that the same type of vandalism happened at the Santa Barbara Mission. They wrote rape and other foul stuff on the walls. What happen to left in this country? They have become a sick vile group of people.


Report just in: Caren Ray caught on video running around, naked, paint bombing Jim Hill signs. Film at 11:00.

what the

That would make a great political cartoon. Too bad Russell Hodin is Team Adam Hill. We need a new cartoonist to emerge.


They could also check Caren Ray’s Christmas tree in the December and see if it is suspiciously missing some ornaments.


SO this is now what we must expect of the “progressives”? In SLO, they are removing and vandalizing Gurnee signs. What tiny, cowardly vile little people. Makes you miss the real Democrats..the patriotic, civil folk with which one could disagree on policy, but be friends with. Where are the “Justice for Andy” brigands now? They just opportunistically drift from “victim” opportunity to victim opportunity. They have already abandoned Dr. Ford. It’s becoming harder and harder to find logic with these types now. Bad folks.


Since when did politics become such a matter of life and death for people?  This is ridiculous.  I hope this idiot gets a nice F for Felony on his record.  The scary thing is he will probably think it was worth it.  How can your life be so useless that you care so much about who wins an elected office? 

George Bailey


This is the kind of behavior condoned by Caren Ray and her political allies.

We must not elect people who will not behave in our community, and Caren Ray has shown she lacks the moral fiber to represent us, and this is just another in a long line of political scandals.  If there is any link at all to the Caren ray campaign, she must drop out of the race.

At one point, Caren Ray was found to be running around the City of Arroyo Grande NAKED while under the influence of alcohol.  This is the behavior of an adult schoolteacher, and it does not reflect well on her morals or maturity.  Now, we have Caren Ray supporters on video damaging private property, ruining taxpayer-funded property while damaging campaign signs belonging to the incumbent Mayor, Jim Hill.

As a community, we have an opportunity to return a wise, mature, insightful public servant to office.  Mr. Jim Hill has served our community well, and the taxpaying public should be proud that we have a person of his caliber representing our interests.

On Tuesday, November 6th, Reelect Mr. Jim Hill as Mayor of Arroyo Grande.

Reject whacky liberalism and their criminal supporters.

Mr. George Bailey

bobby N

Again this disturbing fantasy. I wish Hill supporters could actually support their candidate with his positives instead of expose their desperation with these ridicous comments. 

Has anyone ever seen anyone at all running naked in our town or even our county. Trips to pirates cove don’t count. 


You just earned yourself an F in history. 

While Ray’s online presence was sanitized during her BOS days her Hash House Harriers history is well documented. 

Jorge Estrada

Certainly this was just a challenged vandal having nothing to do with the candidate. Jim Hill is not a controversial Mayor, he does his job and treats everyone with respect. Remember he was initially elect by voters writing him in on the ballot.


So…have they picked up Ms. Ray?