Nipomo spa owner accused of running a brothel

October 13, 2018

After conducting a sting this week, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives discovered a Nipomo spa is doubling as a prostitution business, according to the sheriff’s department. [Cal Coast Times]

Recently, the sheriff’s office received an anonymous tip that employees of Apple Spa on Tefft Street were providing more than just a massage to their customers. Investigators conducted an undercover operation on Wednesday and determined the businesses was selling sexual services, officials said.

At about 1 p.m. on Friday, sheriff’s detectives served a search warrant at Apple Spa. Detectives did not make any arrests, but they identified the owner of the business, 67-year-old Dennis Edward Delbono of San Luis Obispo, as a suspect in the case.

Authorities also identified three Southern California women in their 50s as suspects. Sheriff’s officials are not disclosing the names of the women, but they said the three females are: a 56-year-old from Los Angeles, a 53-year-old from Loma Linda and a 55-year-old from Banning.

During the search, detectives looked for elements of human trafficking. They did not find any, but the investigation is ongoing.

The sheriff’s office plans to file a criminal complaint with the county district attorney’s office recommending charges of prostitution, supervising or aiding in prostitution and running a house of prostitution.

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Great article, a little down today needed a good laugh. The tipster must of been unhappy he got a person a step away from SS check instead of a younger person. Sounds like two consenting adults doing something behind closed doors, no harm no foul. Would this be legal if no money was exchanged? Seems like some of the same type of things go on daily, tic for tat dating? If they were sex trafficking young girls hang them, otherwise there are a lot of other crimes that should take priority.

Gangs,drugs,corruption, you name it we’ve got it and we can wizz money away on this,thats classic.

Another first for SLO County, prostitution with another wrinkle and a shade of grey. Seriously, a senior citizen prostitution ring is almost laughable and in some cases dysfunctional.

Wasting money on victimless crimes.

All those Trilogy peeps are spending time indoors and trying to avoid the sand particles in the air. 

Lots of horny old golfers with frigid wives in Nipomo. Pretty much an open secret and to be expected with all the golf course communities built in the last few years.

Granny hookers!? Brrrr, that’s chilling. Nipomo is totally turning to Wrinkle City with all the retirees that moved there tho, so maybe these hookers are serving the retirement market of horndogs.