Opposing sides battle over language of California gas tax repeal

October 29, 2018

Proponents of Proposition 6, the initiative to repeal California’s gas tax, are sending out mailers to voters who they have dubbed ballot “corrections” in response to alleged misleading wording of the measure that could dampen support for it. Meanwhile, opponents of the gas tax repeal are accusing backers of the initiative of attempting to deceive voters. [Cal Coast Times]

Prop. 6, if passed, would repeal a recent gas tax increase that raised the base tax on gasoline 12 cents from 18 cents to 30 cents per gallon. However, the title of the initiative appearing on voters’ ballots makes no mention of the proposed repeal.

“Eliminates certain road repair and transportation funding. Requires certain fuel taxes and vehicle fees be approved by the electorate. Initiative constitutional amendment,” the Prop. 6 ballot title states.

If Prop. 6 were to pass, the tax repeal would reduce the state’s transportation tax revenue by about $5 billion annually. Likewise, it would require future gas tax and vehicle fee increases to be approved by voters.

Conservatives backing Prop. 6 allege the Democrat-controlled state government placed language on the ballot that hides the essence of the measure — a tax repeal — and instead emphasizes the potential reduction in funding for roads and transportation projects. Prop. 6 supporters have recently sent out automated phone calls saying there is a mistake on the ballot, in addition to circulating the mailer stating ballot “correction.”

Opponents of Prop. 6 accuse the initiative’s supporters of trying to deceive voters by emulating an official voter guide with “fake” mailers. Additionally, opponents of the gas tax repeal say the backers of the initiative had the opportunity to challenge the language of the measure in court but chose not to.

Supporters of the repeal said it is costly to challenge the language in court, and they are opting instead to spend money on educating voters.

While polling earlier this year indicated a gas tax repeal measure might pass, current polling shows it is more likely the initiative will fail. In a mid October poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, 41 percent of responders said they planned to vote for the repeal, while 48 percent said they opposed the measure.

Opponents of Prop. 6 are far outpacing supporters of the measure in the fundraising battle. Prop. 6 opponents have raised $44 million, while supporters have raised $5 million.


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The language used in Prop 6 is a perfect example of why state government desires to have a large un-informed and non-caring electorate. Using words of their choosing and various other tactics, with the full expectation that the un-informed and non-caring electorate will not take the time or spend a few minutes to really understand what Prop 6 is all about.

A YES vote on Prop 6 is simply to repeal a gas tax and auto registration fee increase. This tax was ‘forced’ upon the citizens without having the opportunity to vote on it. For those history buffs – this is very similar to the Tea Tax placed on the colonies by King George that eventually helped led to the Declaration of Independence. What we want in repealing this unfair taxation is the opportunity to vote on it – not have it forced upon us. Has anybody wondered why Sacramento forced this tax on us and refused to have it voted on (up or down) by the citizens? Should be no big surprise – Sacramento does not trust the voters to do what Sacramento already knows is “best”.

Vote YES on Prop 6 and regain your right to decide what is best – don’t become the lemmings that Sacramento wants you to be.

We must regain our basic freedom of no taxation without having the right to vote on it.


Yes on 6. Cmon people

Vigilant Citizen

It only take a little research and skepticism to see the lies and know which way to vote. It is sad that most people polled are for lower taxes and more local control, but when they vote they end up passing large tax increases and bureaucratic controls. The bills are written to be confusing for a reason. “Drain the Swamp” means you have to get involved and stop voting for the creature from the black lagoon!

George Bailey


Yes on Prop. 6.

Stop corruption and unjust taxation.

Vote November 6th.

George Bailey


Yes on Prop. 6.

Stop unjust taxation & government corruption.

Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6.

Jorge Estrada

I thought I read that a Yes on 6 would roll back government pensions to fund road improvements. A no on 6 would stop all road repairs and give government employees an extra week of paid vacation.

Vigilant Citizen

Yes on 6 simply repeals The gas tax and registration hikes that Jerry Brown vowed he wouldn’t sign without voter approval then did anyway. Yes on 6 – it repeals the gas tax and let’s you keep your money! Yes on 6!

Jorge Estrada

I agree but bothered by the intentional word smithing, not as planned, to confuse and threaten the voters.


I’m all for road repairs but pouring more and more money into the bottomless pit of Sacramento seems somewhat akin to the old definition of insanity, ie. “Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result”. California is already the highest taxed state in the Union at 13.3%. The politicians have totally squandered our money away on ridiculous pensions, bullet trains,welfare, and other general largess to pet projects which help ensure the re-election of said politicians

Vigilant Citizen

There is also a bill by Jordan Cunningham that takes existing money and fully funds the proposed road repairs so a yes on 6 vote simply forces Sacramento politicians to use money they already have instead of taking more to waste. Yes on 6. It’s a tax repeal! Don’t you want to keep your money?


My gardeners saw my “Yes on 6” bumper stick. They said they were confused about 6 because they hear yes and no ads on their Spanish language radio stations. They thought that “No on 6” represented “Justice for the People”. Of course they have to fill up their trucks to get here and earn a living and don’t like the price of gas. “Justice For The People” is actually Yes on 6. Confusion Over.