Poll shows Gurnee with slight lead in SLO mayoral race

October 5, 2018
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee

By Cal Coast Times staff

The San Luis Obispo mayoral race is close, with Keith Gurnee leading incumbent Heidi Harmon by 3 percent. [Cal Coast Times]

A Cal Coast Times poll of 260 registered voters conducted Oct. 3 shows Gurnee with 32.7 percent, followed by Harmon at 29.6 percent and Don Hedrick at 3.8 percent. Approximately a third of survey respondents, 33.8 percent, have not decided who they plan to vote for.

Mayor Heidi Harmon

Cal Coast Times identified each candidate only by name, and not by any other information used to describe them that might influence voters’ choices. The margin of error for the survey was plus or minus 5 percentage points.

San Luis Obispo has 6,053 more Democrats than Republicans. Gurnee and Harmon are Democrats and Don Hedrick is a registered Republican.

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Thank God!

Harmon is no progressive. She’s a neo-liberal shill. Frieda Khalo’s friends would send her to the gulag. Gurnees article in the New Times was very good if anyone hasn’t read it yet. He got my vote.

Time for a well-timed sex scandal ordered up by the #metoo progressives to derail this. I hope there are no code words in Mr. Gurnee’s middle school year book.

Dump Heidi Harmon & Carlyn Christianson

Vote NO on Measure G.

Vote Yes on Proposition 6

Vote Keith Gurnee & James Lopes to SLO Council/Mayor

Dump Progressive Losers!

Retain Harmon and Christenson

YES on Measure G

NO on Prop 6

Dump conservative liars

I just read Tom Fulks opinion piece in the Trib on Gurnee and I had a good laugh. People like Tom cant grasp the concept of not giving a damn about how likable a person is, its the job they do that counts, and you cant deny the positive gains of Trumps presidency, well that is unless your a socialist. Maybe Trump needs a flower in his wig to appear more kind so Tom will feel some love towards Trump. After all is all about tolerance and acceptance isn’t it?

SLO is off the rails and I can only hold out hope that this community will get out and vote sanity back into local politics. Keith will bring leadership that is terribly lacking in the current scenario. How can anyone still be undecided?  

That is not surprising. The mud barrage will accelerate now. Campaign signs will be battered and disappear. The Trib will run outrageous letters ( they are vile and biased). Heidi would have done well making a mark singing songs and entertaining toddlers at BoBo Records. But her greatest skillset in entertaining toddlers has become useful in leading the SLO Progressives. Nonetheless, it’s time to challenge the future before San Luis becomes filled with Soviet-style ugly block-shaped five-story apartment buildings lining the streets. Treating neighborhood homeowners with disdain and just over-reaching and imposing bizarre trendy laws on good people NEEDS TO STOP. We need to reject Harmon and her ilk ASAP.

Are people finally figuring things out? I’ll reserve judgement until Newsom is defeated.

Good luck on that. John Cox: “Waiting in line at the DMV is just like languishing in a Nazi concentration camp.” Then make an appointment, or, better yet, sign up for AAA and avoid the lines. The stupidity of Republicans astounds.

Anyone who complains about the DMV (or parking for that matter) in SLO has never been to the DMV in larger cities in California. We have it pretty easy here and compared to their workload and the fact that half of the people in there are from the 3rd world they do a decent job getting people through.

A desperate incumbent is liable to do just about anything. 

We wish you well Mr Gurnee. 

I don’t trust Harmon one bit. Women like her are vindictive and vicious and she obviously has delusions of grandeur, probably thinks she’s the second coming of Trotsky.

Expect the mudslinging by Harmon to be increased…..