Almost 40 percent of SLO County ballots still to be counted

November 8, 2018

With a couple mayor’s races still undecided, San Luis Obispo County election officials have nearly 50,000 more ballots to count. [Cal Coast Times]

Thus far, elections officials have counted 81,663 ballots in SLO County. They must still count another 41,973 vote-by-mail ballots and 6,222 provisional ballots, according to a county clerk-recorder’s office report.

Additionally, there are 79 duplicating non-processed ballots. It is unclear whether they will be counted.

Following the final election night tally, Arroyo Grande Councilwoman Caren Ray is leading incumbent Mayor Jim Hill 51.89 percent to 48.00 percent in SLO County’s most hotly contested mayoral race. Thus far, Ray has received 3,177 votes and Hill has received 2,939 votes, with 238 votes separating the two. It is unclear how many Arroyo Grande ballots remain to be counted.

Slightly closer than the battle between Hill and Ray is the Morro Bay mayor’s race in which Councilman John Headding and business owner John Weiss are vying to replace outgoing Mayor Jamie Irons. Headding is leading Weiss by 101 votes, 51.21 percent to 48.63 percent.

A few community services district races are even closer. In the battle for a seat on the Los Osos CSD board, Matthew Fourcroy leads Stephen Best by 63 votes, 2,097 to 2,034. Incumbent CSD director Chuck Cesna has already secured one of the two seats up for grabs.

Donn Howell and appointed incumbent Aaron Wharton are separated by 59 votes in the race for a Cambria CSD board seat. Cindy Steidel appears to have already secured a seat on the Cambria board.

Meanwhile, in San Miguel, which has a small electorate, Hector Palafox has just a five-vote lead over Cesar Hernandez. Appointed incumbent Ashley Sangster is currently in first place in the race for two San Miguel board seats, but she is just 22 votes ahead of Palafox and 27 votes ahead of Hernandez.

Elections officials will return to counting ballots at 9 a.m. on Friday. The election results will not be finalized until later this month.


Can anybody tell me how part time residents (Cal poly) get a voice in long term elections?

Brenda Snipes,Adam Hill and Hillary LTAOF.

Election law must be changed for at least City councils and BOS.


They live here for at least nine months of the year, Which is well beyond any residency threshold (51%).   This city makes plenty of rules – laws- that are directed at the student population.  Why shouldn’t they have a say in our local government?

If you don’t like college students voting—then don’t live in a college town.  Established in 1906 you should have been well aware of where you were choosing to live.

George Bailey


Do NOT trust Caren Ray!

If Ms. Ray hangs on to win the AG mayor’s election, the taxpayers of Arroyo Grande had better watch the municipal affairs very closely.  Caren Ray has a history of immature behavior, bad decision-making and putting her personal friends above the common good.

Caren Ray is a whacky, ultra-liberal ‘progressive’ politician, who favors big government, limited freedom and using government as a club on the private sector.  Progressives are sanctimonious, self-righteous, and they refuse to listen to different points of view.  We deserve better.

Mayor Jm Hill still has a chance, and I encourage all residents to pray that Mr. Hill wins this election.  If he doesn’t win, the the future of AG under a Caren Ray administration will see new corruption, scandals, unwise development and tax increases.

Elections have consequences!

Mr. George Bailey


Like It or not I have been pointing out the Problem with Ms. Ray for years, When you elect people of this mind set you get folks that really are out for them selves not the Community , You should know their games,how they operate,  You ran Big Tony out of office why is that , well his MO caught up with him ,and many others, if your not honesty , and have motives sooner or later they will be exposed, Let me ask you a question , Why do you think Tony & his crew plopped ole Caren in that position in the first place? Her true colors will come out at some point the warning signs are there I assure you .. I’ll be leaving now think about it.. Due to the times the young folks have not had many life experiences as most of US… there for they may have Limited judgement Folks want free stuff because of the poor leadership we have had in the prior 10 years prior to Trump Sorry .. Many of US lived on hot air & we took quiet a beating .. The Truth Hurts.

Jorge Estrada

Walking past the Blue canopy occupied with Red vested support help at the elections office building, I notice many youth filling out registration cards so that they can be counted as provisional votes. No doubt there was an effort to get the young vote and what was the attraction? New bike paths, freebees, who knows? Sadly their real vote likely is not for the real world, the world local residents who have already graduated and are in their next chapters of life.