Gunman shot and killed 13 people at Ventura County dance bar

November 8, 2018

David Long

A gunman stormed into a popular dance venue in Thousand Oaks late Wednesday night, shot and killed 13 people and injured others. The shooter, identified as Ian David Long, also died. [Cal Coast Times]

Wearing all black, Long arrived at the scene and shot the security guard outside the venue. Inside the Borderline Bar & Grill near Highway 101 and Moorpark Road, Long shot more security personnel and employees.

Long then hurled smoke grenades onto the dance floor before he began shooting, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s officials.

The venue is known to attract students from multiple colleges in the area. Wednesday nights are college country nights, according to Borderline Bar & Grill’s website.

Sergeant Ron Helus

After killing 11 people in the club, Long shot and killed a sheriff’s sergeant who had responded to the scene.

Sergeant Ron Helus was a 29-year veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office who was preparing for retirement. The sheriff’s office will honor Helus with a motorcade Thursday morning that will transport his body from Los Robles hospital in Thousand Oaks to the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office in the city of Ventura.

Investigators have yet to determine a motive for the shooting. Long, the gunman, was reportedly a 28-year-old veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Long allegedly suffered from PTSD.

Long killed himself in an office at the bar.

Authorities closed the Highway 101 on and off-ramps at Moorpark Road following the shooting.

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Fellow Americans,

This is an Epic failure of the Trump Administration to create legislation to protect Americans. How many more radical right wing nutbags do we have to worry about? 2 shootings within 30 days.

Trump has done Nothing! Quit tweeting and protect Americans

The left will try to make political hay out of this incident: however, everyone has the choice to become a target or a deterant. If a bar tender, bouncer of patron had been armed the results could be different. As a Vietnam era combat veteran I currently do not have the ability to protect myself, but I believe that a concealed carry permit is in my future. I do not want to be a target without means to do anything about it.

There is a need for some form of legislation; however, that legislation should allow for the well trained, licensed to be armed to prevent this from happening to the extent that Thousand Oaks demonstrates.

My thoughts and condolences go out to the Families of the 12 people killed late last night at a bar in Thousand Oaks just 150 miles south of us. 11 patrons mostly college students and one courageous Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputy. I woke up at 4 am as I usually do to drive south for work, my phone was littered with the tragedy before I even left my house in SLO. I’m a Firefighter in Los Angeles and my department shares a boarder with the city of Thousand Oaks. Our Engine along with 4 others were dispatched to Ventura County to assist with the incident. Ironically the Engineer driving the Engine was also at the Route 91 festival in Las Vegas where 58 people were shot and killed. As I’m driving in I’m scrolling through social media and see nothing but posts of condolences from local police departments, fire departments elected officials and our President of the United States. And then I see the first post of the morning from our newly re-elected Mayor. It’s a post regarding keeping your Heidi Harmon signs from the past election to be used again. Maybe it hits closer to home for me, but I would rather see nothing from our Mayor than something so completely self absorbed and completely oblivious to what’s happening just down the road from us. Please have some class Ms Harmon

“…As I’m driving in I’m scrolling through social media…” That’s both dangerous and illegal.

My thoughts and prayers are with all families touched by this tragedy. We need to give more support to returning Vets. This shows it. PTSD is a serious thing. May they all RIP

Meanwhile the Trump administration has cut millions from mental health and Veterans programs.

This is very bad…..Movie theatres, classrooms, house of worship and now dance floors. Evil will be answered.