Caren Ray campaigner suspected of vandalism rampage

November 2, 2018

Councilwoman Caren Ray and Patty Welsh marching in the Harvest Festival Parade.


Arroyo Grande police have asked prosecutors to charge a Caren Ray campaigner with felony vandalism after she went on a rampage last month damaging more than $4,000 in city, business, campaign and personal property. [Cal Coast Times]

Mayor Jim Hill and Councilwoman Caren Ray are in a heated race for the mayor’s seat. The election is on Nov. 6.

Dressed in black, Patty Welsh left a city council meeting on Oct. 9 and allegedly drove around Arroyo Grande tossing Christmas ornaments filled with brown paint at Jim Hill for mayor signs and property in the vicinity of the signs. At Tom’s Auto Service, after the owner refused to allow Welsh to put a Caren Ray for mayor sign at his business, Welsh allegedly threw paint on both a Jim Hill for mayor sign and a sign for Tom’s Auto Service.

As officers and public officials left city hall after attending a new officer swearing in ceremony, the wide-spread vandalism was discovered. In all, Welsh had allegedly damage property at 11 different addresses.

Witnesses told officers Welsh had threatened to steal Hill’s signs and had been seen leaving the City Council meeting early, according to court records.

“Welsh has a history of vandalism and is a very vocal critic of Jim Hill,” officer Vincent Johnson wrote in a search warrant affidavit.

At 1:45 a.m. on Oct. 10, officers went to Welsh’s Pradera Court home and searched a grey trash can she had pulled to the curb. Inside the can, officers found a rusted out paint can with the same color brown paint that the vandal had used to destroy mayor Hill’s signs, according to the affidavit.

Later that day, officer Bradley Hogan knocked on Welsh’s door and asked her to step outside. She refused to step outside.

“Welsh appeared nervous and while speaking her and her voice were shaky and weak,” according to the affidavit.

Welsh refused to answer the officer’s questions about why she damaged the property and if someone else had put her up to the vandalism. When asked if she would tell an officer why she damaged the signs, Welsh shook her head, “indicating a nonverbal no,” police wrote.

Patty Welsh’s car caught in video

Officers then began searching for surveillance equipment and reviewing videos. On one video, Welsh’s 2017 Toyota Prius is seen at the site of a vandalism on East Grand Avenue, “and then fleeing eastbound approximately 90 seconds later,” according to the affidavit. Welsh’s Prius was captured on video at several of the vandalism sites.

The San Luis Obispo County District attorney’s Office is currently reviewing the request for a felony vandalism prosecution.

Welsh hung up on a reporter when asked about the allegations. Caren Ray’s campaign manager Shirley Horacek said they do not want their campaigners vandalizing her opponent’s property.

“I would never want anyone in the campaign to do that,” Horacek said. “I cannot imagine anyone doing such a thing.”

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We should recall Caren Ray.


Caren Ray knew exactly what her good friend and supporter Patty Welsh ws going to do, and she worked to cover up the crime and impede the criminal investigation after the felony crime.

I would charge Patty Welsh with feeling vandalism and Caren Ray with obstruction of justice.

Just saying,

Mr. George Bailey

After all the screwing the people of AG received during the TF days you voted in Rey and not Mr. Hill. Un fing believable!!!!!!. Like they say, U will get what U deserve.

Bad news like the support provided by the Tasmanian Devil must have helped?

Pull Your Pants up Caren its over

You Know all this stuff comes from When Tony was around , Why on earth does Arroyo Grande cont. to reward stupid people , What did Chucky Baby do for AG, dropped his daughter on AG,   some stupid save the village wack  jobs & tree huggers ..  and yes People like Caren Ray , some fake crooked people looking to fill their pockets full of cash the whole time saying ” Oh we are here to help..    a track load of  stuff smelly stuff..   The Doors are Open AG Come on in wack jobs, a orgy of dishonesty is brewing ..  paint on signs just scratches the surface I bet.. Watch out…


I CANNOT support Caren Ray.

This vandalism was committed early in October, and police released video footage of the criminal driving her car, asking for the public’s help in identifying the perp.  Guess what?  Despite the fact that Caren Ray knew her friend Patty Welsh drove a green Prius, and she also knew Welsh had a history of defacing campaign signs, Caren Ray made NO attempt to notify the Arroyo Grande Police Department of the fact that she knew who committed this felony damage against Arroyo Grande businesses and her political opponent, thus hampering the investigation.

What does this scandal say about Caren Ray?

It reveals that Caren Ray lacks the character and judgement to lead the community of Arroyo Grande, and voters should consider removing her from her position as a city councilwoman.  Caren Ray had a DUTY to report that her campaign subordinate was the person responsible for these attacks, and she knowingly remained silent.  Not only is this unacceptable conduct for any citizen, it is COMPLETELY unacceptable from an elected community leader.  As a community, we must stand united against political trickery and ethical transgression.

Does Caren Ray have a pattern of poor behavior and bad judgement?

For those who know Caren Ray, this latest scandal is hardly surprising. Caren Ray has a history of lowball politics, personal scandal, and questionable associations.  She has utilized the appointment process more than being elected to office, and many voters are suspicious of Caren Ray because of her past actions of casting unfounded allegations against her political opponents and her poor public behavior, involving drinking and public nudity. Taken as a whole, this is a person unfit to hold public office, and voters should refrain from electing her to higher office.

What Next for the Ray Campaign?

While Jim Hill has run a clean campaign, this felony crime spree by a Caren Ray associate means that the Caren Ray campaign will come under more scrutiny, and others may be charged with felony charges.  Ms. Ray herself may be charged with obstruction of justice and interfering with a law enforcement investigation.  Clearly she had a duty to assist law enforcement and her silence prolonged the investigation and resulted in additional costs to taxpayers.

Caren Ray vs, Jim Hill on Election day, Tuesday, November 6.

While Caren Ray has a documented history of poor behavior, bad judgement, unfounded accusations and shady associations, incumbent mayor Jim Hill has proven to be a steady voice for taxpayers, he cares about his community, always takes the highroad, and maintains a high ethical standard as a public servant.  If one compares these two, it becomes obvious that Caren Ray cannot stand up to the scouting, and wise voters have to go with the trusted incumbent, Mr. Jim Hill.

PLEASE vote on Tuesday, November 6, and stand with the honorable Jim Hill as AG Mayor.


Mr. George Bailey

Just heard today’s robo call from Caren Ray, she says that yesterday’s robo call said that the police tie her to the vandalism. The Saturday robo call doesn’t say that at all. If you’d like the full text of the robo call it’s posted on the facebook page.

Ray is gifted in the art of distortion and twisting the truth.

She flat out lies, and that’s the truth.