Ryan Petetit wants to block past abuse allegations from jury

November 1, 2018

Ryan Petetit


As Ryan Petetit’s domestic abuse trial nears, San Luis Obispo County prosecutors are asking the judge to allow several of his former girlfriends to testify about alleged previous incidents of assault and abuse. Petetit’s attorney is objecting to the request. [Cal Coast Times]

In 2015, a girlfriend of the prominent developer went to a hospital with a head injury. She then accused Petetit of smashing her head through a window and holding her in a closet against her will.

On Thanksgiving 2015, officers arrested Petetit at a family member’s home in Pismo Beach on charges of felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury, felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device.

Petetit pleaded not guilty and the case has been moving at a snails pace through the system.

Shortly after Petetit’s arrest, several former girlfriends came forward with additional allegations of domestic violence. Prosecutors are asking the court to allow two of Petetit’s alleged former victims to testify in the current case, including Michelle Jewsbury.

Following Petetit’s 2015 arrest, Petetit tried to pay Jewsbury $250,000 to stay silent about her allegations of abuse, according to prosecutors. In 2016, Jewsbury filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Petetit for abuse and broken promises.

“From this evidence it is clear that he has an intense need to control and dominate women he is in relationships with,” wrote Deputy District Attorney Kristy Imel in an Oct. 25 motion.

In response to the prosecutors request, Petetit’s attorney Patrick L. Fisher claimed Petetit’s two former girlfriends are compromised. Jewsbury because of her lawsuit and the other former girlfriend because of a domestic battery conviction.

Petetit’s trial is scheduled to start on Nov. 27.

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The case has dragged on since Thanksgiving 2015? His attorney must be really good at getting delays – three years and no closer to a trial date? How much has that cost? Maybe the DA could consolidate all these charges, save some $$ for the taxpayers, and get this guy cleared or convicted once and for all.

Team Adam Hill Cartel current status from my educated, informed opinion: 

Ryan Petetit- Charged with felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury,

felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device plus ponzi scheme and fraud.

John Belsher- Under investigation for- Ponzi scheme, fraud.

Caren Ray- Taking bribes, conflict of interest.

Caren Ray’s best friend and campaigner- Looking at charges of felony vandalism.

Adam Hill- Under investigation for- Extortion, taking bribes, conflict of interest. conspiracy.

Charles Tenborg- Under investigation for- Conspiracy, perjury, fraud.

James Wagstaffe Esquire- Under investigation for- Conspiracy, suborning perjury, conflict of interest

John Shoals- Under investigation for- Taking bribes

Bill Worrell- Under investigation for- Embezzlement, conspiracy, perjury.

Other employees of the IWMA- Under investigation for- Conspiracy, embezzlement. 

Ray Bering- Under investigation for embezzlement, fraud, conflict of interest, conspiracy. 

Adamski Moroski- Under investigation for conflict of interest, conspiracy. 

Quite the busy season, Gang. Seriously Team Adam Hill?

Total Scumbag. Babyface punk beating up women. Lock him up and throw away the key. And by the way, Who in their right mind would give this clown 10 cents to invest.