Ryan Petetit wants to block past abuse allegations from jury

November 1, 2018

Ryan Petetit


As Ryan Petetit’s domestic abuse trial nears, San Luis Obispo County prosecutors are asking the judge to allow several of his former girlfriends to testify about alleged previous incidents of assault and abuse. Petetit’s attorney is objecting to the request. [Cal Coast Times]

In 2015, a girlfriend of the prominent developer went to a hospital with a head injury. She then accused Petetit of smashing her head through a window and holding her in a closet against her will.

On Thanksgiving 2015, officers arrested Petetit at a family member’s home in Pismo Beach on charges of felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury, felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device.

Petetit pleaded not guilty and the case has been moving at a snails pace through the system.

Shortly after Petetit’s arrest, several former girlfriends came forward with additional allegations of domestic violence. Prosecutors are asking the court to allow two of Petetit’s alleged former victims to testify in the current case, including Michelle Jewsbury.

Following Petetit’s 2015 arrest, Petetit tried to pay Jewsbury $250,000 to stay silent about her allegations of abuse, according to prosecutors. In 2016, Jewsbury filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Petetit for abuse and broken promises.

“From this evidence it is clear that he has an intense need to control and dominate women he is in relationships with,” wrote Deputy District Attorney Kristy Imel in an Oct. 25 motion.

In response to the prosecutors request, Petetit’s attorney Patrick L. Fisher claimed Petetit’s two former girlfriends are compromised. Jewsbury because of her lawsuit and the other former girlfriend because of a domestic battery conviction.

Petetit’s trial is scheduled to start on Nov. 27.

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what the

San Luis Obispo has seen enough of the Team Adam Hill Cartel. Off to the pen with ’em. 


Seems like Ryan Petetit’s lawyers dragged this thing on so long it ended up right in the middle of the “Me Too” movement. This timing can’t be good for Ryan’s defense. Open season on woman beaters. What trips me out is Adam Hill has an illegal business to launder bribes from this guy. 


what the

Ha! Dragging it on backfired, didn’t it?

Jorge Estrada

If his last name was El Petetit and he had to go the public defender route, he’d already served half his time behind bars. There is something unjust with the innocent until proven broke justice system yet we don’t dare follow the money. The next time a Latino or Afro-American defendant is ask to rise and raise his right hand, he might just drop a knee in protest.

the situation

Hey Adam Hill, when you are walking the streets this weekend at the Women’s March, just remember you supported this guy too. And you also took bribes from him.  #ryanbeatmetoo


#ryanbeatmetoo. Come forward earlier girls and all of the victims after u may not have had to go through this.

Ted R

Let’s see this man off to prison, and Adam Hill and his lawyer buddy James Wagstaffe should go with him.

what the

Yes! Off to prison for the whole Team Adam Hill Cartel!

George Bailey


This is yet one more example of the hypocritical liberals ‘commitment’ to women, and local progressive politicians like Heidi Harmon, Caren Ray, Adam Hill, Aaron Gomez and Carlyn Christianson ought to be ashamed of themselves for their close ties to Ryan Pettit.

The local whacky progressives are in bed with developers, and this is the type of scandals that arise out of their unrighteous relationships.  For the life of me, I could never understand how the liberal politicians could stand with people like Ryan Pettit, and, at the same time, claim to be advocates for women.

I guess money is too great a temptation.

George Bailey

what the

Petetit may very well find himself playing the part of a woman in an abusive relationship when he gets his ass thrown in prison for this, Team Adam Hill or not. And there is nothing Adam Hill’s corrupt lawyer Wagstaffe can do about it. All of Adam Hill’s gang are just punks. Strength and protection to all the women standing up against them.


What a little bitch.