California nuns allegedly embezzled school funds to go gambling in Vegas

December 11, 2018

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

In the case of Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang, their gambling trips to Las Vegas have not only been discovered, but have become the subject of an embezzlement investigation at a Southern California Catholic school. Both nuns have admitted to embezzling a “substantial” mount of money from tuition and other funds and using it to pay for gambling trips to Las Vegas, a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles said. [KCRA]

The two nuns worked for decades at Saint James Catholic School in Torrance. Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper was the school’s principal, and Sister Lana Chang was an eighth grade teacher. Both retired earlier this year.

Following Kreuper’s retirement, a financial review was conducted, as is regularly done when a principal retires, Adrian Alarcon, the spokesperson for the archdiocese said. It was then discovered that the nuns had been embezzling money for as long as 10 years.

Some reports have suggested the amount embezzled was as much as $500,000. Alarcon did not confirm the scope of the embezzlement.

When confronted, both nuns acknowledged the theft and apologized and are cooperating with an ongoing investigation. The nuns and their order, the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet, have promised to pay the money back.

The archdiocese notified police, but church officials do not plan to press charges and rather want the matter resolved internally with the money repaid and the nuns disciplined by their order.

Sister Mary Margaret worked at Saint James Catholic School for 29 years. Sister Lana taught at the school for 20 years.

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Thanks for taking the bait, you said it well.

Those crazy nuns ah well screw up 6 days a week patch it up on the 7th .As far as donations what happened to people pulling their own weight .If lifes a little too expensive move to a more affordable town .Don’t whine or steal ETC. MOVE

$500000?…..holy cow…no pun intended…maybe a gambling course would of helped…

This is probably going to be made into a movie or television show.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. I though that private schools had greater accountability than public schools?

There is no more accountability in public schools. Theft there is just as large but hidden in the form of outrageous salaries and bloated administrations, and the ability to scare the public by threatening to fire teachers if they don’t get more money.

Thanks for taking the bait, you said it well.

Sad to say but stories like this makes it very difficult to give anymore. There is just too many stories of the money going into the wrong pockets or the revelation of the salaries and perks of the CEO’s of some of these “non-profits.”

Your story is old…

“LA Archdiocese to press charges against sisters accused of embezzlement”

Holy rollers!

When can we all agree that religion as a whole is a fraud?

As long as we include atheism, yes.

You seem religious in your point. For that we continue to pray for the lost. Let’s not be so shallow as to assume that Christianity was birthed to make room for thieves to enjoy the blind kindness of others. That’s where atheist’s like to take the story….

$500,000.00 less they have to spend defending their child rapist priests.