Gap to shut underperforming store in San Luis Obispo

December 15, 2018

The Gap company is closing its clothing store in San Luis Obispo at the end of January along with hundreds of other underperforming stores. The Gap store in Santa Barbara is slated to remain open.

During the third quarter of 2018, sales at Gap stores fell 7 percent. As a result, the company announced plans to close the “bottom half of its fleet,” according to CNBC.

Shoppers at the Gap store can currently find sales of from 20 to 50 percent off. Store shelving and fixtures are also up for grabs.

The closures follow a 2017 shutdown of 200 Gap and Banana Republic stores.

During the past year, multiple stores in San Luis Obispo have closed including Ann’s Contemporary Clothing, Marshalls Jewelers and Kevin Main Jewelry and Design.

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Soon to be another bar…

Huge rent, no parking, what could go wrong?

2 great points – also the amazon effect. Doubtful a “small business” can afford that space after gap shuts its doors. Another publicly traded company or a vacant building for a while.

Horrific rents, no parking, Amazon effect, AND wall-to-wall homeless people. I stopped shopping in SLO more than five years ago due to the parking and accosting homeless people. I don’t miss it whatsoever.