Man killed trying to stop a drunk woman from driving in Paso Robles

December 30, 2018

An intoxicated Paso Robles woman allegedly killed a friend who was trying to stop her from driving drunk on Friday evening. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 10 p.m., Sarah Hale, 21, left the Santa Maria Brewing Company in Paso Robles and got into her car when several friends tried to stop her from driving drunk. However, Hale drove away knocking one of her friends out of her car and onto the pavement.

Emergency personnel transported the victim, who was suffering from major injuries, to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.

Officers found Hale at her home and arrested her for driving under the influence and felony hit and run. Hale posted bail and was released before her friend succumbed to his injuries.

Officers are asking anyone with information about the incident to call the Paso Robles Police Department.

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now that I know who it is , I don’t feel so bad

once again don’t drink and drive

or rob. The kid that died was robbing people’s homes

What a sad story… I’m sure more details needed, but first of all, judgement destroyed by alcohol, then one life accidentally taken and one life destroyed …enjoy your Chardonnay out there. It’s a drug, plain and simple.

According to her Facebook page, Sarah Hale is/was a waitress at Santa Maria Brewing Company. Interesting.

why is that interesting? the friend she ran over was also robbing homes in Paso

We need autonomous cars more than ever…

Hey, she drove home o.k. Maybe it’s the fault of all the public service announcements telling you to stick your nose into your friend’s business. Ilan’s in the house!

Perhaps you should have paid attention to the PSA about not sniffing glue?

Pithy comments about the death of a young person-who was trying to do a good thing? Keeping it classy as always.

Enjoy your heart of stone.

Nobody appreciates satire anymore…

far as i’m concerned it’s karma . The kid was a criminal

Not a significant enough for a story by The Tribune, last name maybe?

Why would a critically injured person in Paso be taken to SLO bypassing Templeton? Lack of contract staffing? I can see being stabilized at Templeton and then transfer to SLO or Fresno/Santa Barbara.

Sierra Vista Hospital is a Trauma 1 hospital that has a 24 hr. staff that can handle all and/or any emergency. They say that under some conditions it is better to get the patient to the Trauma center asap. Although the paramedic in the ambulance can request to get to the nearest hospital.

Another day, another story in alcohol town.

You have that right, But look at the tax revenue and tourist dollars that are being made? I think it would be interesting if someone will be keeping track of all of the injuries and fatalities that the wine, beer, cider and marijuana industries will be responsible for during the year 2019. Although we may never really know as the stats will be adjusted to show little or no impact. But we all know that every bar, wine tasting room, and now marijuana den will be producing impaired drivers and some will be sharing the road with others. How much tourism money is worth these fatal results?

Marijuana den?

Not ever being involved maybe you could help me out and tell what they are called? There are liquor bars, wine tasting rooms and what will the marijuana places be called?

They are calling them lounges or speak easy’s for places that allow mj consumption. None exist in SLO county yet, but the dispensaries are trying to make it happen.

Meanwhile the vast majority still thinks it is ok to Text and drive even though it is as dangerous if not more than driving drunk. It’s all about the tax revenue though, right?

“General Cell Phone Statistics. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. … Texting while driving is 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.“

One does have to ask if texting and driving is so dangerous why allow some, police and others, to do it? If its wrong then it should be wrong for everyone, no special rules for some and other rules for others, many are tired of a double standard.

I heard the MJ dens ‘round here impair and slow down drivers to the point where indicating, by method of turn signal, becomes a conscious thought again.