Person killed in head-on collision on Highway 166

December 12, 2018

An oil tanker collided head on with a pickup early Wednesday morning on Highway 166 in Santa Barbara County, killing one person and resulting in a road closure. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 2 a.m., the tanker and the truck collided on Highway 166 in the Cuyama area, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. Following the crash, the oil tanker caught fire.

It is unclear how much, if any, oil spilled. Authorities have not identified the victim.

Following the crash, officials closed Highway 166 from Tepusquet Road east of Santa Maria to Perkins Road in New Cuyama. Caltrans is instructing drivers to take highways 46 and 58 when traveling between the coast and the Central Valley Wednesday morning.

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Tragic and unnecessary. Moving oil on roads is risky.

I agree. Because the environmentalists have made it so hard for ANY industry to exist on the Central Coast, almost all manufactured goods have to be transported here by truck. No matter how much the state has taxed us in the last 40+ years under the guise that they were going to spend it on roads, most of our east-to-west highways remain in the same condition that they were in the 1960’s. So these two lane roads are clogged with traffic, mostly trucks. With those factors in mind, it would be safer to move oil by rail. But “oil trains” offend the snowflakes, which these days is the biggest sin of all. So until the Progressives get their way of transporting us all by bullet train or bicycle, we have to get used to more people dying on our outdated, overcrowded road system. But hey, outdated roads are a great excuse for the state to raise our taxes, which they will use for illegal immigrants and employee pensions.

I wonder why you didn’t say, being a young, maybe tired, maybe inattentive, maybe distracted, maybe impaired driver in late night is risky. Your bias against oil transportation is clear.

MY bias is against the so called “Progressives.” They fail to improve roads, the place bans on industry being developed here on the coast, so everything has to be transported here by truck over those two-lane highways that haven’t been improved in 50 years. The Progressives place bans on shiiping oil by rail, placing even more burden on our roads. They keep taxing us again and again to improve our roads, and funnel the money to bullet trains and bike lanes. I am pro-oil, and anti-socialist.