Arroyo Grande man’s sentencing delayed, changing his name

January 21, 2019

Ryan Petetit


As an Arroyo Grande man awaits sentencing for the violent assault of his girlfriend, he is working to leave his past and his name behind. [Cal Coast Times]

At a sentencing hearing on Jan. 17, San Luis Obispo County Judge Barry LaBarbera agreed to a three months delay in the sentencing of Ryan Petetit, so that the Arroyo Grande man can legally change his name. In Nov. 2018, Petetit plead guilty to assault with great bodily injury, false imprisonment with force, dissuading a witness and two charges of inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant.

In addition to allegations Petetit has physically abused at least three former girlfriends, Petetit is also the defendant in multiple lawsuits for alleged real estate fraud.

About a year ago, Petetit changed his Facebook name from Ryan Petetit to Ryan J Wright.

On Nov. 22, 2015, Petetit and his girlfriend arrived at a home they shared in Arroyo Grande and began arguing.

The disagreement escalated with Petetit grabbing the victim by the throat and choking her. He then dragged her to her feet and shoved her head through a bathroom window, shattering the glass, she said.

She tried to escape, but Petetit took her phone and pushed her into a closet, refusing to release her, she said. While she fought to free herself, Petetit slammed her head into the tile floor, knocking her unconscious.

After she regained consciousness, the victim fled to a family member’s home, who took her to a hospital. Officers arrested Petetit a few days later.

Petetit ultimately pleaded guilty to five felony counts regarding the domestic violence incident.

He is scheduled for sentencing on April 25.


It would be funny to see some women’s groups march over to the court house and ask, “what the hell is going on?” This is some filthy politics. What an insult and continued abuse to the victims.

what the

What the?!? Seriously? Adam Hill has judges in his pocket too? Embezzled money and developer payoffs must run deep. This type of blatant corruption is not cheap.


I thought Judge Labarbera retired December 31…..


Just came back for one more “good ol’ boy” favor.

Erik T

Adam Hill has made a complete fool out of you Dow. What a joke. Grow some balls and do your job.

Ted R

Is it a coincidence that Judge Barry and Adam Hill are lunch date buddies? This county makes me want to puke.


How about name change to Will Cheatum.


Will Beatum!


Will this set a precedent? Can anyone convicted of abuse or rape, change their name before sentencing? This appears to be more evidence of a lack of justice in SLO County. Ryan Petetit hangs out with Adam Hill, so he gets a break from both the court and the DA’s office. We need to start fighting for justice in this county.


But he has so many wonderful development projects in the area………..


Ryan I’m not wrong, I just wanna be Wright.

There’s some serious irony.

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