Illegal San Luis Obispo County marijuana delivery service busted

January 19, 2019

While writing a speeding ticket in Buellton, a deputy discovered the teen driver was transporting a large amount of marijuana products for an illegal cannabis delivery service that operates out of San Luis Obispo County. [Cal Coast Times]

The 18-year-old driver was under the legal age to work in the cannabis industry or legally possess pot. The deputy also learned the teen was driving for an unlicensed marijuana service that delivers to various parts of Santa Barbara County.

Detectives from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Special Investigations Bureau, Cannabis Compliance and Enforcement Team then served a search warrant, which resulted in the seizure of over $60,000 of illegal cannabis products including marijuana buds, vape pens and edibles. Deputies also seized $7,600 in cash and two unlicensed firearms.

Arrests in the case are pending while the detectives continue their investigation. At this time, investigators are not releasing the name of the delivery service or the suspects.

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“two unlicensed firearms”

Yep, couldn’t be more true. The proof is in the fact that red states are 100% problem-free.

Just don’t understand why so many people have such a hard time understanding the term and meaning of the word “ILLEGAL”.

Illegal | Definition of Illegal by Merriam-Webster

not according to or authorized by law : unlawful, illicit also : not sanctioned by official rules (as of a game) illegal.

A lot of people pay a lot of money for the right to do things legally and lawfully. This is a Country of Law and Order and if you don’t like it, maybe you could move to Mexico or South America. Just watch on NETFLIX “Muder Mountain” if you want to see what happens when you don’t have Law and Order. You can’t go into a Pharmacy and buy prescriptions without authorization. There is a solution, grown your own and stop complaining.

“This is a county of law and order…”

Quit it. Dan Dow is corrupt as the rest of the SLO cartel. This is a lawless county. A preversion to the concept of justice.

I thought this was a free country. A country of the free market. Why is it that conservatives who supposedly believe in that support big government when it comes to law enforcement. Nanny state when you don’t like it, rule of law when you want to control others.

Police can’t seem to break their marijuana-busting habit. Someone ought to stage an intervention.

How many drunk driving citations were given that day? How many people were driving drunk but did not get caught? In comparison, delivering cannabis to people’s home is not a big deal. I don’t feel any safer now.

Games the same only the charges change!

Lack of Business Licence charge(if you don’t have the money to bribe politicians, your out)!!

Tax evasion charge!!!

Code enforcement charge!!!

Gun charge!!!!

Hiring policy charge!!!!!

Before they just busted drug dealers and threw them in jail, now they bankrupt them, then throw them in jail, kinda like they did with Al Capone!!!!!!

It’s just pot, no big deal, right?

Oh hey officer…that stuff aint mine….that 100lbs of dope in the trunk belongss to dopeheads are us, the delivery service here in town ya know..yeah…yeah that’s it officer..really. I never touch the stuff. So we dont call a drug pusher or dealer a dealer anymore, now their a legitimate business venture for the good of mankind.

I deliver McDonald’s via Uber Eats all night long in SLO, so I am getting a kick out of your comment. I deliver poison to people and it’s legal. I know out of the 2, McDonald’s vs cannabis, which one kills and which one heals. That said, the people in the article needed to be busted, under age delivery person, illegal business, there is no excuse for it other than greed.

Nice try ‘One, but here on CCN those things that have been killing people for generations in numbers that should boggle the mind, while costing the taxpayers billions (prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco), are the accepted norm’ and the “whatabouters” that dominate the conversation(s) here are scrambling to connect cannabis with that BS without any success and it pisses them off!! You know what I find humorous though? Is how the ill-informed, uniformed and down right stupid use the same failed lame ass non-scientific logic and fear mongering that was used in the past to keep it where those other actual Schedule 1 Drugs (tobacco and alcohol) belong; no wonder the “conservative movement” only real “movement” is always backwards…

Problem is haus that’s your opinion on things related to pot and Mickey D’s. As a former, I’ll to tell you where it all started and it wasn’t McDonalds. I wont dispute the honest need for some to use and that booze aint any better for you,but I lots of folks dont drink either and could care less if it was outlawed. You can blame that on your 80+ bars, 280 wineries and liberal government with greedy tax grubbing hands if your looking to point fingers.The fact is just about any jackass can walk into one to many of SLO’s DR office’es and walk out with a pot lisc. It’s just to out there and that in itself has nixed many’s support of legalized ganja.I can tell you half of a dozen of the folks I worked with did just that and bragged about how easy it was. But like anything in life, there is always a handful of ass’es that ruin it for everyone else and that’s when laws get made.

Just like “any jackass” that can walk into some pill pushing Dr’s office and walk out with a ‘scrip for oxi’ or some other drug known to cause addiction and death, right? Problem with your reasoning is cannabis is not a drug (not in the traditional sense as defined by Webster and or medical dictionaries) has been found time and time again not to hold any addictive qualities and hasn’t killed one person, ever! Stop talking apples vs oranges. death vs pleasure, addiction vs choice, would ya?! Ya sound like the typical ex-tobacco smoker, with absolutely no tolerance for what you used to partake in…

Dude you gotta watch the flick Supersize me if you havent seen it yet. With regard to delivering poison, maybe you should get arrested too. Pot dont “heal” anything. It temporarily takes away pain or ailments. If it cured it you’d only need to light up one time and you’d be “healed”.Curious whats your thoughts on legalized shrooms?

Here we go again with Snoid… No one with any kind of credibility has or will say that cannabis is a “cure” for anything, ANYTHING! To say otherwise or to imply that it is or has been spouted as such from anyone with knowledge of the properties of cannabis is misinformation plane and simple! Legalizing ‘shrooms? You betcha! Along with all other illicit drugs…

I should be arrested for delivering McDonald’s but McDonald’s is fine to remain open selling the poison? It is the delivery person who should tell people what they should eat? Really? That’s your position? I said cannabis heals, not cures, I would never say it cures anything. People that do make those claims are uninformed and do no good for either side of the debate. I do not smoke cannabis, I do grow CBD strains that I have personally driven to Steep Hill labs to have tested then i make lotions, creams, tinctures, edibles, and RSO caps to help alleviate pain caused by my medical issues and it most certainly helps, a lot more than opiates that Dr.’s try handing my like Pez candies (which I will never ever take again in my life).

My opinion on magic mushrooms is they do have some medicinal value for some things (severe depression) but the only legalization/use for them should be administered in micro doses in a controlled setting by a Doctor to ensure the patients safety. I am not going to look down on people that consume mushrooms for recreation safely in their own homes, to each their own, I just think there are too many risks involved to society to make them legal and easily available to the public. Texting while driving is 6x more dangerous than driving with a .08 bac and I see easily 10% of motorist doing it on a daily basis, mostly the under 25 crowd, mix in legal magic mushrooms and I think one would be safer in Afganistan than on the roads in cali.