Another Central Coast marijuana grower caught operating illegally

February 22, 2019

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies seized more than 14,000 pounds of cannabis products after discovering the owner of a grow outside Buellton on Highway 246 allegedly created false documents to obtain a temporary state cannabis license and then sold the pot illegally. [Cal Coast Times]

On Feb. 20, investigators from multiple county departments and officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife executed a search warrant at the marijuana operation. During the search, investigators seized approximately 14,000 pounds of mixed cannabis and trim and 240 pounds of cannabis packaged and prepped to be shipped.

Deputies estimate the street value of the marijuana seized at $1.3 million to $2 million.

State wildlife officers inspected of the property because of its close proximity to the Santa Ynez River, noting several potential environmental crimes affiliated with the cannabis operation. Officers also found and rescued a young rabbit that appeared to be trapped and injured by illegal means.

Investigators are not releasing any more information about the people involved in the alleged illegal cannabis operation at this time. The investigation is ongoing.

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i’m sorry for your loss (of weed)

Mmmm..Gee wizzz…who’d of ever thought the legalization of pot could cause so many headaches and corruption.

Don’t these people know all they need to do is “host meet and greats”, or other “pay-offs” to certain city individuals, such as Mayor Harmon, Mayor Lee, or other council members and all will be good.

And yet in California Valley, the illegal & destructive grows continue unabated and in plain sight. In fact, they are proud of what they’ve done. They bragged at 2 public meetings about how they know there are rules and laws, they just “didn’t go that route”. Why? Because they know nothing will happen in “the Valley”. But Buellton is “near a popular area”, so it gets policed. Great message: go to commit crimes in an area far from a police station and you are Golden. One hour. That’s the time it takes. Yet, this county cannot figure it out.