Former pro surfer fell off Santa Barbara cliff, drowned while high on meth

February 8, 2019

Chris Brown

A former pro surfer who was found dead on a Santa Barbara beach last month fell off a cliff while high on methamphetamine and then drowned, according to the Santa Barbara County coroner’s report. [Cal Coast Times]

Chris Brown, 48, was under the influence of a high level of methamphetamine when he fell off the cliff, suffering blunt force trauma. Authorities found Brown’s dead body on Jan. 19, just above the shoreline about a mile away from Hendry’s Beach.

At the age of 17, Brown won the juniors division of the 1988 World Amateur Surfing Championships held in Puerto Rico. He turned pro shortly thereafter and was one of a few surfers who could challenge Kelly Slater, now widely considered the best competitive surfer in history.

Brown ranked among the top 25 professional surfers in the world in the early 1990s. Following his professional surfing career, Brown worked as a commercial fisherman.

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People die young for many reasons. He clearly made the most out of his, regardless of what drugs he chose to take. There sure are a lot of self righteous people out there who have accomplished much less in their own boring lives. Give it a rest.

He came from a really good family and I can’t imagine the pain that they must be going through. I don’t know what leads kids to try that stuff and I guess we’ll never really know. I’m so sorry for the parents and the brother.

So sad, he had so much going for him.

Hands down, a legend! The international surfing world misses you!

Really hard to see this guy’s tragedy. He had so much talent but slipped into the dark side of drug abuse. Meth is a nasty hook that’s probably as bad as heroin. I remember a coworker telling me how he tried heroin in Vietnam during the war. He said it was like a beautiful women seducing him into trying it again and it sacred the shit out of him. That story tells me how one sample of the devil’s drug can ruin your life.

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