Marijuana grower facing charges of perjury and illegal cultivation

February 12, 2019

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies destroyed approximately 1,300 cannabis plants and 500 pounds of dried marijuana on Monday morning after discovering the grower had fraudulently obtained a temporary cannabis cultivation permit. [Cal Coast Times]

Responding to a tip, shortly before 7 a.m., deputies served a search warrant at a grow in the 2000 block of Wild Oak Road in an unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County. Before obtaining the search warrant, deputies determined the 52-year-old operator of the facility had obtained his permits through perjury and fraud.

Investigators have submitted the case to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office for review.

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I can see where a lot of people failed the reading and comprending test. It plainly says Santa Barbarba

Ooops! No wonder!

He didn’t pay off the Harmon cartel?

Chance – It’s in Santa Barbara County not SLO.

This is Santa Barbara county where they do prosecute perjury.

Perjury? I thought you didn’t prosecute perjury, Dow?

Early on Cal Coast News was being a watch dog of the local Marijuana industry, yet nothing about the scramble for local permits and how they’re being administered!!!

What’s up with that?

Did the loss of the appeal make the investigative zeal dissipate to a copy and paste news organization?

You reported about local fundraisers, soiree’s and political donations, and now we read where the permit rules give local preference to these nefarious individuals:(

Go back and look at the claims made in the Grover Beach permitting process, living wages for employee’s etc, none of which has even come close to happening:(