Marijuana grower fibs on application, deputies destroy over 22,000 plants

February 3, 2019

Cannabis drying

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies destroyed approximately 22,420 cannabis plants and seized 1,420 pounds of dried marijuana from a Power Farms grow near Carpinteria on Jan. 31 because the grower had provided false information on their county permit application. [Cal Coast Times]

During the investigation, which spanned two counties and involved three separate search warrants, detectives discovered one of the owners of Power Farms had provided false information during the county cannabis application process and was failing to follow proper shipping and manifest procedures. The county is withholding the names of the owners because of an ongoing investigation.

During a search of one of the owner’s Los Angeles County homes, detectives seized several unregistered firearms including two that had been reported stolen, approximately 60 pounds of processed and packaged Power Farms marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash.

Power Farms then voluntarily surrendered its state temporary cannabis license. Because the grow was no longer licensed, law enforcement officers eradicated approximately 22,420 cannabis plants from three separate green houses and seized approximately 1,420 pounds of dried or drying cannabis.


Sadly, Grover Beach isn’t controlled by the sheriff, but by Grover Beach, and I don’t expect anyone there will be interested in closing down anyone crooked. In fact, they ONLY chose dispensary owners with felonies in their background checks. It was the pleasure of Mayor Shoals and now Mayor Lee to look the other way because they were very well compensated for those dispensary licenses. I’d love to see what honest authorities would do to Lee and Shoals!


So this guy fibs on his business paperwork and the police destroy his business. Ah right, makes sense to me. Police state out of control. Let them try this shit with any other business.


WAIT! Marijuana growers fib?


more than fib, doesn’t one of the growers who mysteriously got one of the permits after initially being too low on the list have a felony conviction….. thanks to former mayor Shoals and current mayor Lee


In Grover Beach this is….


Good to see the entire weed thing, taxes, permits etc,etc, is going smooth as the politicians planned (sarcasm)


Going to see a lot more of these stories now that California is starting to enforce the laws. Good riddance to bad rubbish. There was another raid over the weekend in Santa Ynez as well.

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