Nipomo man nabbed 98-year-old man’s classic truck

February 14, 2019

A Nipomo man recently stole a 1928 Ford Model A truck from a 98-year-old man who had owned the vehicle for more than 40 years, according to the CHP. [Cal Coast Times]

On Feb. 6, the San Luis Obispo County Auto Theft Task Force, which is comprised of CHP officers and sheriff’s deputies, obtained information that the stolen Model A was being offered for sale. The classic truck had been stolen during a residential burglary.

Stolen vehicle task force investigators developed leads, located the stolen truck and, on Feb. 8, conducted a joint operation with the SLO County Gang Task Force. Officers found the classic truck and arrested Gasper Gonzales of Nipomo.

The elderly victim received his family heirloom back and was overjoyed, the CHP stated in a Facebook post. The sheriff’s office website does not list Gonzales as currently being in jail.


The owner of “Henry’s Best” should be allowed to drag criminal Gasper[sic] Gonzales behind it for one square block. That would be justice.


Stealing a car only gets you jail time these days, it’s not a “serious, violent or sexual crime” ergo no prison time. Thank realignment for this laxity. Since realignment we have the highest car theft rate in the NATION – this crime is now no worse than stealing a candy bar. I just hope this fine upstanding Mr. Gonzales doesn’t decide to take revenge on the old man and come back and burn his house down. And why not? Arson is only jail time, too. The victim may want to take a cue from the guy in Los Osos who shot an intruder at 3 AM, and keep a gun handy. He’s a target now. So sad.


toss the punk in the pokey.


What a complete dirt bag to steal an old mans prized possession. Enjoy prison Gasper. Oh wait, probation for 2 weeks probably awaits you!


May the thief rot in prison for 40 years too!


Gasper is a POS.