Cal Poly suspends another fraternity for hazing

February 14, 2019

For the second time in the span of a month, Cal Poly officials have suspended a fraternity for breaking university rules relating to hazing and alcohol use. [Cal Coast Times]

The university has placed the Kappa Sigma fraternity on full suspension for the remainder of the academic year. Kappa Sigma was suspended for alcohol, hazing, conspiracy to haze and health and safety violations, as well as for violating law and university policy, according to the Cal Poly website.

Cal Poly spokeswoman Cynthia Lambert told the Mustang News that Kappa Sigma engaged in hazing activities and, separately, held events during the pledging process at which minors had access to alcohol. The hazing involved quizzing pledges on fraternity history and requiring them to do push-ups as punishment for incorrect answers, Lambert said.

University policy defines hazing as “any activity that causes physical or emotional harm, degradation or humiliation during initiation into a student organization.”

A total of six fraternities are currently under sanctions, and another one is under investigation, according to the university website. Last month, university officials suspended Sigma Pi for the remainder of the current academic year after fraternity members humiliated pledges, causing mental and emotional distress, and provided alcohol to pledges and minors during the recruitment and pledging processes.

Both Kappa Sigma and Sigma Pi will remain on social probation through the spring of 2020.

Niles Q

Push ups are against the rules? Does this apply to ROTC?


Push-ups? Cal Poly admin: off-base and out-of-touch yet again. Maybe the admin can impose a “Push-up Success Fee” on all students, and then give themselves raises.


STUPID, just plain stupid.


Thank you sir may I have another!


Place University officials on suspension for breaking university rules relating to being overpaid and under educated.


Oh NO! Not pushups! How will the little darlings ever get past this heinous assault?

nazbol gang

Push ups are bad now? We live in a feminized society