Officers arrest Atascadero man fleeing with son

February 2, 2019

Cody Parrott and Noah Parrott

An Atascadero man disappeared with his son overnight, and authorities then tracked him to an area in Eastern California, where he was arrested. [Cal Coast Times]

On Thursday Atascadero police announced they were searching for Cody Parrott, 31, and his 4-year-old son Noah Parrott after they left home sometime during the previous night. Investigators determined Cody Parrott had been acting irrationally, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

Initially, investigators thought Cody Parrott was heading east into the Tehachapi area. Detectives later obtained information that Parrott was in Inyo County, and Atascadero police informed law enforcement in the area.

At about 3:35 p.m., a CHP officer located Parrott’s vehicle on Highway 395 near the town of Independence. Officers tried to conduct a traffic stop, but Parrott did not yield.

Parrott fled northbound from Independence at a high rate of speed, according to the CHP. Officers deployed a spike strip, and Parrott stopped his vehicle before driving over it.

Officers then took the man into custody and found Noah Parrott safe inside the vehicle. Officers arrested Cody Parrott for felony reckless evading and felony child endangerment.

Noah Parrott was transported to the Bishop area CHP office and then returned to family members.

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What exactly did the father do to be tracked down and arrested and have his son seized by government agents? I’m just missing the why part here. “acting irrationally” can mean anything

Well, “acting irrationally” could be just about anything that goes against the current “norms” as determined by those who decide such things. Something like referring to someone as Mr. or Mrs. Maybe he said that a baby inside it’s mother is a human being. Maybe he was trying to exercise some of that white privilege or possibly being “misogynous” for opening a door for someone. It’s possible that he had a gun at his house to protect his family. Unfortunately, this comment isn’t “tongue in cheek” anymore and it’s only going to get worse.