Revamped SLO project now calls for 702 residences

February 1, 2019

A proposed mixed-used development in San Luis Obispo that was brought forward last year as a 606-home project has been revamped and is now a proposal that consists of constructing 702 homes in a high-density manner. [Tribune]

Last year, Atoll Holdings LLC was seeking to redevelop the vacant Atoll Business park on a 17-acre site at the corner of Laurel Lane and Orcutt Road. Now, Blue Sky Development is proposing 702 apartments and townhouses at the site, as well as commercial space that would include a microbrewery, coffee shop and deli.

The development could be as tall as five stories. The apartments would range in size from just 380 square feet to 850 square feet, with 56 of the homes being reserved for residents who make well below the city’s average salary.

Chuck Braff, of Blue Sky’s development team, said San Luis Obispo has a need for housing for firefighters, teachers and others who make up the workforce. That is whom the planned homes are intended for, Braff said.

The plan calls for converting a 196,000 square-foot manufacturing building into housing spread across 11 buildings. Atoll Holdings is the current commercial tenant of the large building space.

The nearby Crux Climbing Gym, which is located in a separate building, would remain in place. Last year’s proposal called for integrating the climbing gym into the development.

San Luis Obispo’s planning commission will review a conceptual plan for the project at its Feb. 13 meeting.


702 + 100 capstone apartments at Orcutt rd + 250 on tank farm road (staff recommends replacing much needed mobile home park, ideal spot for Heidi’s micro house platform) = 1052 more apartments well designed for college kids. 2500 jobs at risk with Mindbody and PGE with home sales on the edge of a cliff. The progressives may be eyeballing how to capture the working man’s tenants and justifying as cleaning up the neighborhoods?


Geez, every time there’s a tax increase on the ballot it’s because firefighters and police are going to have to be cut. Now this developer is singing the same tune, it’s for the teachers and firefighters…yeah right.


The new buzz words, workforce, teachers, policemen, firemen, nurses. Drop of few of those in most any development plan along with some affordable units and you will be on your way. Water or no water?


as an added bonus, there will be no parking spaces but 800 bike racks.


San Luis voters voted these Council/Mayor politicians into office and will get exactly what they deserve, corruption, crime and crowding at its best. Enjoy your life in what use to be the Happy Place! (P.S. This is where General Fireproofing Manufacturing was located many peaceful , loving, enjoyable years ago!


Another atrocity justified by the age-old lie about firefighters needing a slum to live in. I guess they don’t know that we know teachers now make good money and firefighters are likely to take in more than $100K per year with plenty of time off for a second job. How about being honest, developers, and just say you’re in it for your own profit?


“Chuck Braff said … FIREFIGHTERS…..TEACHERS….NEED HOUSING….”. What else would you expect this guy to say? He’s part of the “development team!” Note how these specific types of “workers” are called out specifically to elicit sympathy from the local residents. What is the median salary of teachers and firedighters in slo? Do teachers and firefighters make up such a big part of local workers that they need a development justified on their housing needs? I doubt it. This is simply more out of control development backed by the city’s counsel people who seem to have questionable motives and the continued race to turn Slo into SoCal. A disgusting mess. Overpopulated, overdeveloped, a shameful exploitation of what used to be a nice area.


Keep Bang the drum where it is!


Sheeesh, why not make it an even 1,000? /s


I would suggest that you look closely at the drawings for this project. Then, go to Google map and go to any large city and take an aerial view of their subsidized housing projects. They look very similar and in time turn to the heartbeat fro crime. Perfect planning by the best for the most. Take a look at the housing around CalPoly and multiply it several times over and that will be the end results.