SLO County sheriff’s deputy injured in crash near Cal Poly

February 26, 2019

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy was extricated from his unmarked car after it was struck by another vehicle near Cal Poly Tuesday morning. [Tribune]

At about 10 a.m., a woman in a black Dodge Charger turned left off southbound Santa Rosa Street onto Highland Drive by the entrance to the Cal Poly campus in front of the unidentified deputy’s car, which was heading northbound on Santa Rosa Street. The collision trapped the deputy, who suffered undisclosed injuries, in his county vehicle.

Emergency medical personnel transported the deputy to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for treatment. The woman suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Police Sgt. John Villanti said the collision was significant because of the speeds cars regularly travel in the area. It is unclear how fast the cars were traveling, but drivers often exceed the 45 mph speed limit in the area, Villanti said.

Authorities temporarily closed Highland Drive on the Cal Poly campus following the collision.


This is why everyone should use a dash cam.

nazbol gang

Good call, there are a ton of reasons to use one these days

nazbol gang

Maybe drive in a clearly marked vehicle next time so people get out of the way of your police activities?


That’s a fully signalized intersection so one of the vehicles drove through a red light. And before one of you says, “well duh”, the article doesn’t make that clear. I guess we’ll see what happens with the driver’s statements, although the police are looking for witnesses so maybe both are saying they had a green light.


So, the car turned left in front of the sheriff’s car……that implies that the black Charger wasn’t speeding, certainly not anywhere near 45 MPH. Could they have turned left into oncoming traffic? Yes indeed.

However, it is much more likely—-and I’m going to predict this is what the investigation will find—-that the sheriff was speeding. From the description given here, if the sheriff was going, say 70 mph, when everyone else is going about 45 mph, that would mean that the woman turning left into Cal Poly could have misjudged the speed of the sheriff.

Why do I think this is the cause? Because we all know that law enforcement has a free pass when it comes to speeding, DUI, open containers, etc. The laws that they enforce on us do not apply to them, which naturally means they tend to drive as fast as they are comfortable driving. Certainly 70 mph is a comfortable speed on that road…..barring cross traffic.

The bodily fluids of the woman will be extracted and examined in order to find residue of some substance for which they can blame her.

No such examination of bodily fluids will be required from the sheriff, so the only way he can be found at fault is if he was speeding.

This woman needs a good lawyer.

Shocked in MB

Wow, a conclusion and then the rationalization to reach the conclusion.


Yes! It is true. Given the facts presented above rational conclusions can be speculated upon, which is what I did.

People can’t turn left there, downhill, at 45 mph. Not even in a Charger.

When turning left and judging the speed of oncoming traffic, it’s not hard to imagine that someone going way over the speed limit could cause a person to misjudge their speed and turn left in front of them.

Could she have turned left into oncoming traffic? Yes……but why the severity of the crash and mention of speed in the article?

I think my “conclusions” are pretty good. Especially the part about testing bodily fluids for blameable residue,