Grover Beach pot shop tied to illegal marijuana grow

March 29, 2019


Law enforcement agencies simultaneously raided a marijuana retail store in Grover Beach and a large marijuana grow in Los Alamos Thursday morning because of alleged fraudulent licensing and the black market diversion of cannabis, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. [Cal Coast Times]

At the illegal marijuana cultivation site in Los Alamos, deputies sized more than 700,000 cannabis plants and thousands of pounds of processed marijuana. In California, more than seven times the amount of marijuana that is used by residents is grown, with the bulk of the state’s cannabis crop ending up on the black market.

Marijuana seized from 805 Beach Breaks

“This diversion of cannabis into the illicit market is a public safety concern in that it doesn’t ensure the proper testing and licensing of the cannabis,” said Kelly Hoover, sheriff’s public information officer. “It is also harmful to businesses that are complying with state and local laws and pay taxes on their proceeds.”

At 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies along with Santa Maria and Grover Beach police officers seized marijuana from the illegal operation and records associated with the investigation.

At this time, the City of Grover Beach will allow 805 Beach Breaks to remain open. Meanwhile, the Grover Beach Police Department has opened an investigation into the shop’s operations, according to City Manager Matt Bronson.

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I’m not seeing this story on KSBY or the Fibune

Can I assume the retail store is shut down then?

I believe the corrupt politicians are “killing the golden goose”.

someone didn’t pay their protection money…..

Hey, Shoals! Having a good time yet? What? Cory and Nick can’t help?! What??!!!

700,000 plants!?! Holy hooter Batman, that’s a crapload of weed! This story makes it plain to see that the cops will never accept pot’s legalization. They’ll find ever new ways to thwart legalization. Wouldn’t not being properly licensed be a “code enforcement” issue and thus a civil matter and not criminal per se? Notice no ones been arrested.

The cops have accepted weed as legal. But like wine, you have to follow the rules. I can’t use toxic chemicals to make wine and then sell it at a stand at the end of my driveway without a permit. Weed is the same. Growing it using toxic chemicals, without a license so you can sell on the black market is not legal.

I bet there a a few local politicians who might be shaking in their boots this morning, with an “investigation into the shop’s operations”!