Multiple agencies raiding Grover Beach marijuana shop

March 28, 2019

Deputies and police officers from multiple agencies served a search warrant at 805 Beach Breaks, a Grover Beach marijuana store, on Thursday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

Deputies from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department along with Santa Maria and Grover Beach police officers are searching the store. This is the third search warrant served at a San Luis Obispo County marijuana business by Santa Barbara County law enforcement this week.

On Tuesday, Santa Barbara County deputies served a warrant at a county permitted cannabis cultivation site in Arroyo Grande and at an unpermitted marijuana grow in Los Osos.

In May 2018, 805 Beach Breaks was San Luis Obispo County’s first brick and mortar marijuana dispensary to open under California’s new pot legalization.


I’M not seeing this story on KSBY or the Fibune either


Corruption in wineries? Absolutely! Bribery for local government officials? Absolutely! Is alcohol addictive? Absolutely! Is alcohol liked with crime and death? Absolutely! They should cut down their vines and outlaw grapes. Then the number one nuisance in the county will end! Do you think so?


These same drug dealers are buying our politicians, and, in recent elections, people like Miriam Shah, Barbara Nicolls, Jeff Lee, Heidi Harmon, Caren Ray Rossum, Carlyn Christianson, and Adam Hill have accepted their money.

Guess what? These type of people are not giving their money out of a sense of civic responsibility, and they expect something in return. Please understand that the aforementioned politicians are all corrupt, and we must remove them from the body politic.

I support law enforcement, and maybe one day we see corrupt local politicians in handcuffs.


This business got popped because they had a 750,000 plant grow that was unpermitted in Santa Barbara County. If they were growing that much product illegally my guess is they are earning more from sales than they are reporting as income by diverting some to the blackmarket.

Wait until the Franchise Tax Board gets ahold of their books and audits them.

The people voted for legal recreational use of marijuana, not for people to get rich through tax evasion.


Even juke boxes were mob owned and if business owner didn’t allow mobs jukebox there was dire consequences ….So I guess this is the new generation of mobsters .. Time for them to ante up protection money or Johnny law makes a visit. There’s always corruption in everything pot stores ,, juke boxes ,,, building permits etc etc


Bribes for city government leaders? Check. Bribes for county government leaders? Check. Bribes for law enforcement agencies? Not done! What? Who forgot to pay off law enforcement?


Why are all of the businesses that are supposedly up front and honest businessmen getting popped so often? Could it be because they’re far from upstanding citizens to begin with?


Marijuana is certainly habit-forming in the cops who can’t seem to stop trying to bust people for it.


There is that, but also the fact the businesses that are licensed seem to like to push the boundaries past the point of legality. Seen it over and over again.


Color me surprised.

“At around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, law enforcement served a search warrant at 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach. Another search warrant was served at a property in Los Alamos.

“There were over 700,000 illegal plants the sheriff’s office found through this investigation and through the search warrant today,” Hoover explained.

The sheriff’s office says thousands of pounds of illegal processed marijuana was also discovered.

The investigation reportedly started about a month ago in Santa Barbara County and led the Cannabis Compliance Team to the first marijuana shop to open its doors in Grover Beach.

“This business, what we’ve learned so far, did not have the proper licensing and they were selling it through the black market which is problematic in that this marijuana has not been properly tested through the system and also is being sold without any type of accountability,” Hoover said.”