Multiple dogs killed by death cap mushrooms in SLO County

March 11, 2019

Multiple reports have recently surfaced of dogs dying after eating death cap mushrooms in San Luis Obispo County, and a local dog rescue is warning pet owners about the trend. [Cal Coast Times]

Death cap mushrooms, or Amanita phalloides, are a deadly poisonous fungus. The mushrooms typically have a white cap with yellow-green shades and white gills under the cap.

Creston-based Meade Canine Rescue says death cap mushrooms prosper locally and favor ground near oak and pine trees, which “sounds like just about everywhere in San Luis Obispo County.”

On March 5, Meade Canine Rescue posted on Facebook about a couple who were walking their two labs in an open area at the end of Palisades Avenue in Los Osos. The dogs found a patch of mushrooms and ate some of them. Both dogs died, and the broken-hearted owners posted a warning at the end of Palisades Avenue.

Comments on the Facebook post suggest other dogs have also been dying as a result of consumption or exposure to death cap mushrooms. One poster, Sara Maddux, said she lives near Lopez Lake, and she lost her dog and that another dog also recently died in the Huasna-Lopez area because of death cap mushrooms.

KSBY reports the 10-year-old Patterdale Terrior belonging to Sara and Mike Maddux ate a death cap mushroom, then came home seizing and shaking uncontrollably. The Patterdale Terrior named Brode experienced neurological and liver damage and then died.

Tests revealed Brode was poisoned by a death cap mushroom. The Madduxes also believe their twin Great Pyrenees pups died from a similar poisoning two months prior.

“Please, please dog owners, be on the look out as we don’t want any of you to lose your precious dogs in such a senseless manner,” Meade Canine Rescue is warning.

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Very sad. Consider using a leash.

I didn’t know this amanita was also called the death cap. Will keep an eye out

Poor doggos btw. Dogs are beautiful innocent creatures.

Sad story.