Paso Robles man suspected of murdering pregnant woman

March 3, 2019

Daniel Raul Rodriguez Johnson

A 31-year-old Paso Robles man suspected of murdering a pregnant woman at his Heritage Ranch home on Sunday is in jail. [Cal Coast News]

Shortly before 6 a.m., San Luis Obispo County sheriff deputies went to assist CHP officers in a pursuit on Highway 46 West near York Mountain Road, according to the sheriff’s department. Officers then discovered Daniel Raul Rodriguez Johnson had allegedly abandoned the vehicle with a 2-year-old child and a 4-year-old child inside.

Johnson then stole a CHP cruiser and led officers on a chase that went from Highway 46 to northbound Highway 1.

In the San Simeon area, deputies deployed spike strips and successfully stopped the vehicle. Johnson, however, fled the scene.

Deputies located Johnson, who brandished a knife at deputies. After deputies shot Johnson with bean bag rounds, they were able to take him into custody.

During a welfare check of any potential witnesses, deputies discovered broken windows at Johnson’s home. Deputies then entered Johnson’s home and discovered a deceased woman inside.

In a press release, the sheriff’s department described the death as suspicious. Several neighbors, however, said a pregnant woman was murdered inside the home.


If a pregnant woman is murdered the suspect will always get charged with the 2 deaths. Perhaps somebody can tell us why killing that same child with abortion isn’t murder?


Someone probably could easily explain the differences, but would you listen?


Were all ears Yan.. I’ll give you the handicap of agreeing if pregnancy complications will endanger the mothers life I can understand, but otherwise its murder.


Thanks for making my point for me Snoid. Pregnancy by definition is complicated. So much so that our mortality rate in the USA is quite high.

I guess you get to be the decider of when “complicated” passes some unknown threshold and becomes complications—which by your definition would make it acceptable. Such responsibilities for you. I bet women are so thankful you are up in their womb. I know I breathe a sigh of relief.

Women get to choose if they want to take that risk. You don’t get to force them into doing it. Is that hard to understand? This woman made that risky choice for herself, and was happily taking her pregnancy to term.

This scumbag who killed her and her unborn child was not making a risk based assessment about his own mortality when he killed her—as the hopeful mother had previously done. So yeah it is easy see how one is murder and the other is healthcare- that is if you have a grasp on nuance.

Maybe an analogy would help? Would you be a murderer if you and another person ( a child perhaps) were caught in a riptide. Both lives at risk, and you not being a good swimmer, chose to swim to shore versus trying to help the other person- who later drowns. You may be called callous, inhumane, etc. but you would not be charged with murder. By law you can’t be compelled to put yourself at risk for another. Which is exactly what you insist every pregnant woman do.

You may have a moral argument against abortion, but not a legal one.

They are not the same thing no matter how much you try to make the false equivalence.

Can you hear me now?


Oh, but it is…and now it’s legal.

nazbol gang

Death penalty


Word in the neighborhood is the woman was set to have a c-section Monday morning. I wonder if they will charge him with killing the mother and the child?

Shocked in MB

It is such a warm cuddly feeling that the police went out of their way to use non-lethal force with a person whom threatened them with a lethal weapon, took his 2 little children on a high speed pursuit with the Police, stole a police car and then probably murdered a pregnant women.

I would guess that with the pursuit(S) this person put 30-50 adults and children in extreme jeopardy.


I would bet that if you polled most police officers they would say that they prefer not shooting and killing someone if at all possible. Most likely for their own mental health protection. Don’t ask them to be killers needlessly.

I don’t think they were concerned about warm and cuddly at all, but rather relied their training.

nazbol gang

Cops did good this time, give credit to where it’s due. (besides maybe losing their own vehicle but that can happen)


I applaud the police for taking him into custody without killing him. That’s by far the best policy. The justice system will sort out the crimes and punishments.


The police didn’t know he was a murderer when they apprehended him!!!

Plus he brought a knife to a gun fight, nobody around when he pulled the knife, non lethal force worked in this case, not always though!!!

Good job to the officers who apprehended him:)