Paso Robles teen killed in Templeton crash

March 6, 2019

A 17-year-old girl was killed Tuesday night after she walked into traffic on Highway 101 in Templeton. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 11 p.m., the Paso Robles teen was walking on the right shoulder of northbound Highway 101, just north of the Las Tablas Road off-ramp, when she stepped in front of a vehicle driven by a 60-year-old Atascadero man. The right front fender of Bruce Eddy’s Chevrolet Impala then struck the teen, according to the CHP.

First responders pronounced the teen dead at the scene. Officials are withholding the victim’s identity while they notify her relatives.

Investigators do not suspect the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

An investigation into the fatal crash is ongoing.

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I see it on major highways never really seen it in SLO county but kids out partying think its great to run across 6 lanes of an interstate late at night just for the thrill I guess and the short cut

Today’s weed is not the weed of years past and/or neither is thee other drugs out there. Remember the lady 2 months ago who just stopped her car in middle of curbaril overpass and ran jumped off overpass onto freeway. .. I suspect they were high. Possibly the lady having hallucinations the 17 year old I don’t know maybe she was sober …That’s a shame she was way to young to die

Weed does not make you hallucinate. But, yes. She was way too young to die.

Today’s weed being grown at super sonic speeds with tons of Knarly chemicals …In the 60s 70s 80s KJ which was weed with angel dust caused all kinds of mayhem .Even today’s Spice is causing deaths .. Ya never know what’s in weed. In Sacramento 1 of the 3 Mary Jane testing companies was shut down because for a year they forged test results on 100s of thousands of pounds of weed. I wouldn’t touch today’s weed if you paid me …

Why in the hell was she strolling alongside the freeway? Very strange.

My bet would be drunk or high, and she was taking a shortcut, and couldn’t walk straight. Hopefully I’m wrong.

….but I will speculate anyway.