Police identify suspect who stabbed a man in his car

March 26, 2019

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials have identified a 25-year-old Morro Bay resident as the suspect who allegedly stabbed a man in the chest while the victim was driving in his car in Los Osos last month. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 2 a.m. on Feb. 23,  Brandon Richard O’Connor allegedly stabbed the victim near the intersection of 6th Street and Santa Ysabel Avenue in Los Osos. Following the stabbing, the victim parked his car and walked to a home in the 1200 block of 2nd Street.

Deputies arrived at the home and found the man suffering from the stab wound. Medical personnel transported the victim to the hospital, where he received treatment and was later released.

On Monday, sheriff’s officials announced they had completed their investigation into the stabbing and identified the suspect as O’Connor. Sheriff’s officials are forwarding the case to the county district attorney’s office and recommending prosecutors charge O’Connor with assault with a deadly weapon.

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Police don’t provide a Photo? A description? Nope, Just letting us know that a suspected knife wielding local is on the loose. Have a nice day.

Wonder if Dan Dow will file charges or find an excuse not to, like “lack of jury appeal” or “lack of credibility of the victim.”