San Luis Obispo mayor asks children to skip school and strike

March 13, 2019

Mayor Heidi Harmon


In her latest call for social activism, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon posted on Instagram and Facebook an appeal to local students to skip class on Friday and participate in a global strike in which youth will demand action combating climate change. [Cal Coast Times]

“I stand with the next generation,” Harmon said in the social media post. “On Friday, March 15, students and youth from around San Luis Obispo will strike from school to demand real climate action. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., students, young people and supporters from an array of local organizations will rally outside the SLO County Board of Supervisors building.”

The demonstration taking place locally is expected to occur in conjunction with students striking in approximately 40 countries around the world, according to international media reports. The initiative was started by Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who last year, skipped class and sat outside Sweden’s parliament with a hand-painted banner, kicking off the global school strike for climate movement, according to The Guardian.

Harmon’s social media post has been met with both praise and criticism. SLO Councilman Aaron Gomez came to Harmon’s defense on Facebook, saying the school strike is a student-led international movement.

However, critics have said it is irresponsible for Harmon to instruct students to skip school and that the San Luis Obispo mayor is using children to promote her political agenda.

When criticized for “encouraging kids to ditch school,” Harmon posted a link to an article reporting students in 40 countries will take place in the strike.

“The next generation understands that if we can’t solve climate crisis their education will be worthless anyway,” Harmon wrote on Facebook. “They are doing what they can because the adults have not done their job.”


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I mean this will all sincerity…..what’s it going to take to get decent human beings running our governments? This woman is a fruit loop!


So sick of the protests upon protests that accomplish nothing except for the fools that participate in them feeling better about themselves for 30 minutes or so until they get angry all over again.

How about “ride your bike to school” that day, or carpool. Walk out on school? Waste more taxpayer dollars. What a disgrace.


Just when I think she can’t get any weirder,,,,


This woman is a nut… and a menace. For God’s sake… get her out of here.


Demand competence.


You just can’t make this crap up!


And this will prove what, seriously? another day of lost education of the future of America? It proves one thing in that she has no adult followers and impressionable children are her new victims. Your party’s “sweetheart” says will all be dead in less than 12 years anyhow from global warming,cooling, climate change or whatever its called now.


She needs to be recalled for this.


Thats not right. Kids will skip for any excuse .

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