San Luis Obispo mayor asks children to skip school and strike

March 13, 2019

Mayor Heidi Harmon


In her latest call for social activism, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon posted on Instagram and Facebook an appeal to local students to skip class on Friday and participate in a global strike in which youth will demand action combating climate change. [Cal Coast Times]

“I stand with the next generation,” Harmon said in the social media post. “On Friday, March 15, students and youth from around San Luis Obispo will strike from school to demand real climate action. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., students, young people and supporters from an array of local organizations will rally outside the SLO County Board of Supervisors building.”

The demonstration taking place locally is expected to occur in conjunction with students striking in approximately 40 countries around the world, according to international media reports. The initiative was started by Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who last year, skipped class and sat outside Sweden’s parliament with a hand-painted banner, kicking off the global school strike for climate movement, according to The Guardian.

Harmon’s social media post has been met with both praise and criticism. SLO Councilman Aaron Gomez came to Harmon’s defense on Facebook, saying the school strike is a student-led international movement.

However, critics have said it is irresponsible for Harmon to instruct students to skip school and that the San Luis Obispo mayor is using children to promote her political agenda.

When criticized for “encouraging kids to ditch school,” Harmon posted a link to an article reporting students in 40 countries will take place in the strike.

“The next generation understands that if we can’t solve climate crisis their education will be worthless anyway,” Harmon wrote on Facebook. “They are doing what they can because the adults have not done their job.”


This politician is promoting truancy, fear in children and using children as props. School funding is dependent on attendance and daily headcount, is it not? Does she heat, cook and dry clothes with natural gas, which emits CO2 when burnt? Practice what you preach and stop burning natural gas at your office and home and use a clothesline. Plus, you better not be burning wood in a fireplace. If you’re serious protest wildfires, CalFire control burns and volcanoes too. Then boycott products from China & India the major polluters if you’re still serious. Of course satellite images show that plant leaf area in those countries is actually increasing, because agriculture loves more CO2. The population is more likely to starve if global temps go down. There are fossilized seashells at the 500′ elevation and above all over this county. At some point, probably 10 thousand years from now our descendants may be living on higher ground with lush vegetation all around if this religious hysteria comes true. She’s worried about our children, but has Planned Parenthood endorsements on her own donation website. She’s just another “Chicken Little” extremist.


At first it was labeled global warming …now it is labeled climate change HUH .They claim the ocean level has risen …when it rains water, mud and rocks end up in the ocean ,,, so level of ocean would increase , same effect if you place a brick in a toilet tank .The point where level was measured from was done sort of land mass over time that land mass would erode causing that point of measurement to be lower. Old measurements were made with analog measuring devices ,,, devices today are digital neither were calibrated to each other and accuracy of analog is why they have been replaced with digital .In the late 80s the automotive world began converting vehicles to 134a refrigerant from r12 ,,, scientist said it was depleting ozone millions of vehicles were converted ..But in 2011 scientist in Europe determined r134r was depleting ozone and it was outlawed . ..But was being sold as keyboard cleaner .Scientist change their opinions as they need to please the grant providers as to receive millions of dollars to waste on goofy research to support their lavish lifestyle


The irony of the anti-science people complaining on the scientist created computer, connected to the scientist created internet, alive because of scientist created medicine that kept your branch of the family tree alive.

Lol Feel free to chime in on the moon landing, vaccines, flat earth and flying babies.

You should really stop doing/using anything suggested or created by scientists because otherwise you would have to admit……


When people can’t defend their positions with fact they DEFLECT to other issues as being worse like you just did.


What would you like me to provide a fact for? The earth is round? r-12 does in fact damage the ozone?

If you were interested in facts you would not be deflecting on me, but would be understanding reality not flying babies and facebook medicine.


You are conflating two different disciplines above. An engineer and technology innovator is not a scientist. Someone like Bill Nye The Science Guy is an engineer, not a scientist. Though a silicon chip designer probably looks through a microscope. Real scientists realize there are pluses and minuses to climate change, which will always occur. Just like the magnetic north pole slowly shifting.


You wont answer any of my questions, instead you try to down talk me.

I am familiar with the climate skeptic’s dodging syndrome kool aid flavor.


I’m not a skeptic. The climate has cycles of change over the millenniums. It might actually get better in some regards as evidenced by better growing crops before it gets worse 100’s-1000’s of years down the road. Spit-balling a figure of 12 years until we can’t reverse climate is cruel to tell our children, gives them anxiety and resentment. Victim mentality keeps people stuck in that state of mind, while gratitude opens up possibilities. As to your #1 and really only question, “What would you like me to provide a fact for?” Please provide a fact to rebuke Mr. DPIC at the beginning of this thread rather than deflecting to skeptic examples. Each debate needs to stand on its own merit instead of some random other example of skepticism coming true validating another assumption. Questions #2 & #3 were obvious condescending statements you inflected into questions with question marks. I’ll let you have the last in-cohesive words, as you obviously can’t help yourself.


Kettle you need to reread what I wrote …r12 was replaced with 134a and vehicles were converted to 134a from r12 then 20 plus years later after converting and changing over to 134a ..Europes scientists determined r134a had same effects as r12 ….so Europe outlawed 134a after 10s of millions of vehicles and appliances were using it .134a was marketed as keyboard cleaner ….people spraying their keyboards with it LOL


“SCIENCE” is the new state religion and “SCIENTISTS” are it’s priests. Anyone who does not believe is a heretic and should be punished as in old.


“SCIENCE” is the new state religion and “SCIENTISTS” are it’s priests. Anyone who does not believe is a heretic and should be punished as in old.

You nailed it laftch.

“Science” has a different meaning today than it did a generation ago. Today, Science means federal grant writing…..or working for a federally funded gigantic corporation that creates ways to kill large numbers of people suddenly….or creating confusing statistics that show some new drug “might help give you a chance to live longer.”

The state religion has it’s own creation story—everything was great until man came along……it’s own story of the Fall—-white men polluted the planet for profit…..and it’s own Apocalypse……Global Warming, C02 etc.

The state religion also has its own story of salvation—–raising taxes, dictating how people move about, limiting freedom of all kinds, etc.

State funded scientists preach it…..and heretics will be punished. Mayor Harmon has definitely finished her indoctrination and has drunk the koolaide. (communion wine in the state religion)


““Science” has a different meaning today”

No, you are confused.





Perhaps if it is a “student-led” event world wide then the kids wouldn’t need to be asked to participate. Many problems concerning all this have already been addressed by my neighbors here… I’ll only add that maybe it’s time to encourage the “next generation” to think for themselves, become educated on issues, and try to do something constructive no matter how small to help better the issues they’re concerned about. It’s always … “they (somebody else) needs to do something about this…” . Thankfully we still live in a country where people truly can work together to change things… What can students do locally to help bring about sensible positive change and awareness….I believe they can accomplish much without listening to the continuous nonsense from people with an obvious need for attention. Such a waste of valuable time and missed opportunity to help students experience profound life lessons. Some Democrat way back said something about …. “….What you can do for your country…” So whatever your particular political persuasion is, let’s teach that.


If I win Powerball tonight, I’m gonna foot the bill to import enough rednecks to vote her out!


More power to The Lady for ruffling your feathers!!!


“I stand with the next generation,” -Heidi Harmon

Heidi Harmon is an embarrassment, and her latest stunt is encouraging kids not to go to school. I seriously think Heidi Harmon has an issue with drug or alcohol abuse, and her advocacy is getting progressively more bizarre and incomprehensible.

If Heidi Harmon really ‘stands with the next generation’, why is she coddling drug dealers, and using their dirty money to fund her political campaigns? Is this a good example for the next generation?

If Heidi Harmon really ‘stands with the next generation’, why is she approving high density, low-quality development, giving developers who contribute to her campaign exemptions from infrastructure improvements designed to make things better for the next generation?

If Heidi Harmon really ‘stands with the next generation’, why is she acting so hypocritical in calling for ‘civil discourse’ even as she attacks her political opponents and storms out of political debates? Is this how Heidi Harmon models societal respect for the next generation?

Heidi Harmon does NOT stand with the next generation!


You voted her in, SLO…you own it!

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. — H. L. Mencken