SLO County Republican Party responds to Mueller’s report

March 31, 2019

Robert Mueller

Opinion by SLO County Republican Party

Following the vindication of President Trump and his administration via Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Special Counsel Mueller’s Report regarding the Russia conspiracy hoax, now is the time to reach out to Democrat friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and politely invite them to defect the Democratic Party and re-register as Republicans. Likewise, independents are invited to join us also.

All can register online.

The Democratic Party leadership insulted the intelligence of the entire world, especially its own supporters, and now is the time to show good faith to our Democrat friends who were misled by party bosses and fake news.

Democrats’ and media organizations’ two year-long effort to peddle the narrative of Trump collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election was revealed to be merit less. Unfortunately, their efforts to hang on to the Russian collusion fiction, which has damaged America and poisoned our national political atmosphere, continue.

Common sense Democrats and independents are tired and distressed by the resolve of these same people to continue their bogus warfare against our elected government leadership.

The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County is seizing this opportunity to press our advantages and win elections in 2020. It stands for unity of all Americans as we work to resolve issues such as a strong economy, immigration, public safety and many more.

The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County is working to build a future for America that offers the opportunity for peace and prosperity, and guarantees individual liberty and justice for all.

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It’s all just fake news.

The far left will drive out moderate Democrats all by themselves. Look how they’ve embraced this idiocy of the Green New Deal. They are determined the put a Socialist in the White House, which is appalling to the Dems base. Keep bashing our President, listening to the fake news and turning a blind eye to his successes. It doesn’t much matter. The haters will continue to hate and President Trump will keep on working for all Americans.

If Attorney General Barr is planning to give Congress a redacted version of the Mueller Report, two questions come to mind. If even Congress is not given a complete report, will anyone? If no one is given a complete report, why was one written?

Um, wasn’t the Mueller probe instigated by Republicans, namely Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a Trump appointee. And, if I remember correctly, Trump and Republicans controlled not only the justice department but also both houses of Congress when the Special Counsel went to work. To blame over 100 meetings between minions of the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence on Democrats is simply fake news. The meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and representatives of the Russian government to find “dirt” on Hillary Clinton was also not a Democratic Party conspiracy–it really happened. And, it also wasn’t the fault of the Dems when Trump prostrated himself in front of Vladimir Putin at Helsinki. In all cases, however, it may simply be, as some have conjectured, that Trump and his incompetent advisors simply didn’t know any better.

I can only just imagine what would have happened if representatives of Barack Obama had met numerous times with Iranian operatives before his 2008 election or welcomed the Iranian foreign minister into the White House while boasting that he fired the FBI Director in order to take heat off an investigation. Lyndsey Graham’s hair would still be on fire.

And, to aye-caramba, calling this current manifestation of Republicans the “party of Lincoln” is simply ignorance or a gross misreading of history. Lincoln would be tossing in his grave if he knew he was being likened to the current occupant of the WH.

mercut1469 I guess these meetings just fall in line with Clinton just happening to meet Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in the middle of a no where airport to discuss their grandchildren. You can’t make this stuff up as it point the finger directly at the guilty ones.

Mercut, if you remember your history well, President Lincoln was more loathed than the current occupant of the WH. He was despised, ridiculed, called foolish, stupid, ignorant and ape-like. It cost him his life. So, please don’t disrespect the memory of Abraham Lincoln by assuming you know how he would respond to Trump. I submit he would relate greatly to the hostility and blind hatred thrown at Trumps direction every hour.

Lincoln was also a moral agent in a time when morality was in short shrift, especially among the treasonous southerners (and, yes, they were Democrats, but certainly not the same Democrats which occupy the political space today–see FDR, JFK, LBJ, or the southern strategies of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan). Lincoln knew all too well that he needed to include every American in the political process if the Union was to persevere. In contrast, Trump believes he need only appeal to the privileged white, be he a billionaire such as Robert Mercer, or the poorest white coal miner in West Virginia. Trump’s strategy works against the majority of the American people, while Lincoln was inclusive of all Americans.

Have to agree, this is amateur at best, but usually Central Committee’s are run by those who feel alienated and ideologically rigid, rather than those needing to govern. The party of Lincoln needs to emphasize WHY it has better ideas rather than be simply a mouthpiece for rhetoric. “Healthcare for all” is a good idea as long as we don’t bankrupt the country. Affordable housing, being tough on crime, not letting corporations get away with stealing from citizens, a clean environment, protecting ALL human life, especially the unborn and making sure ALL people are treated with dignity, the homeless, the illegals, the poor, the mentally ill. The party of Lincoln wants these things. But so do the Dems. The question is HOW do we get there. Current “trashing” of the other side, the lying of the Progressives, the Socialist unicorn stuff is not the stuff that helps govern either. Unless we see change, we are in for a world of hurt.