SLO County Republican Party responds to Mueller’s report

March 31, 2019

Robert Mueller

Opinion by SLO County Republican Party

Following the vindication of President Trump and his administration via Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Special Counsel Mueller’s Report regarding the Russia conspiracy hoax, now is the time to reach out to Democrat friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and politely invite them to defect the Democratic Party and re-register as Republicans. Likewise, independents are invited to join us also.

All can register online.

The Democratic Party leadership insulted the intelligence of the entire world, especially its own supporters, and now is the time to show good faith to our Democrat friends who were misled by party bosses and fake news.

Democrats’ and media organizations’ two year-long effort to peddle the narrative of Trump collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election was revealed to be merit less. Unfortunately, their efforts to hang on to the Russian collusion fiction, which has damaged America and poisoned our national political atmosphere, continue.

Common sense Democrats and independents are tired and distressed by the resolve of these same people to continue their bogus warfare against our elected government leadership.

The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County is seizing this opportunity to press our advantages and win elections in 2020. It stands for unity of all Americans as we work to resolve issues such as a strong economy, immigration, public safety and many more.

The Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County is working to build a future for America that offers the opportunity for peace and prosperity, and guarantees individual liberty and justice for all.

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This is silly. The writer of this screed couldn’t even get the name of the Democratic Party correct, so why should I bother with anything said in it?


The Democrat Party has lurched to the left, and they are looking to nominate an avowed socialist as their 2020 presidential nominee, and most people reject leftist ideology.

Locally, we have seen how the SLO leftist political crowd has embraced corruption and partisan politics, people like Adam Hill, Heidi Harmon and Caren Ray Rossum have proved to be embarrassing, so the fortunes of the Democrat/Progressives are declining.

Speak truth to power.

It’s way more serious than what this article states. We have been exposed to a coup by those at the top of the Democratic party. Unfortunately we have only seen the beginning. Pelosi and Schumer are out for blood. If Trump is elected to another term I believe there will be more valid investigations and many of the corrupt in DC should go to the slammer.

The Mueller report has even been vetted by anyone other than the Attorney General.

The mere mention of the word ‘defect’is very troubling and shows what a deep divide this country is in.

This piece also shows great bias with respect to Calcoast News and the leaning to the right is nothing new.

But I guess if you can “grab them by their pussy” that’s the political party we should all migrate to.

Grab em or use a cigar, you really see any difference? at least Trumps victim was of age.

or the partys prez who gives and gets the cigar treatment in the oval office.

There will be no vindication of POTUS when the full report comes out. Barr’s summary (which he has now said was not a summary, was never intended to be a summary) concluded that there was no obstruction found. That was Barr’s take on the report, which we haven’t yet seen. POTUS has told 7.645 (as of January ’19) verified outright lies or misleading claims, 1,200 in October 2018 alone. How many of his statements in that same time period have been proven true? Why does the Republican Party continue to devalue and abase itself through elevation of a known liar? What happened to the part of fiscal responsibility? Check out the budget deficit – 18% higher in 2018 than 2017. Why in the world would the party back a man who refuses to make public his tax returns, gave a huge tax break to the wealthy, is trying to deny medical insurance coverage to MILLIONS, rips families apart at the border, and lies on an hourly basis?

The tone of this notice reminds me of those voicemails you get saying “I am a genuine officer with the United States Interior Revenue Department calling to remind you that your social security number has been expiring. It is very important that you be calling us so that we can release your five thousand dollars account.”

Dear Republican Party. I usually voted with you, most of my life. It was always because I believe that anything that any government gets involved with gets less effective and far more expensive. When the Christians hijacked your Grand Old Party, you let them, same as the Democrats have now let themselves be infiltrated and controlled by another group of demagogues. As (R) candidates, none of you has ever adequately expressed why the working class and middle class will ‘vote against their own interests’ by being aligned with Republican politics. The working and middle class people who used to blindly vote with ‘conservatives’ did so because our self employment and small businesses are crushed by bureaucracy and Left politics is all about bigger, more controlling government. I never voted for Republicans because I wanted abortions illegal! Talk about voting against my own interests! I especially never voted for ‘conservatives’ because I wanted religion taught in school. No one in my house needs an invisible man in the sky in any school or government.

Here’s the take home for you on the ‘right’. Less government. If you really want to know a more complete picture of the way some of us Tea Bagger Neo Con (not really interested in belonging to any organization that would accept me) types are like, read P.J. O’Rourke Republican Party Animal.

I’m high as hell right now, and I endorse this message.

Any party that let’s the orange clown be their leader is no party I want to be associated with.

Of course there is always the party’s who’s “sweetheart” thinks day light savings makes the sun shine a hour longer…

The Collusion Delusion will take our friends on the left some time to get over. Even now many are rejecting the Summary by AG Barr and calling it a cover-up. What the Republican Party needs to understand is that the hate on the left isn’t logical. It isn’t based in fact, so in many ways there is no changing the radicals mind regarding Trump. Trump should NOT be the focus of the SLO Republican Party because that is a loser. Rather the focus should be on the LOCAL Issues, the over-regulation, the cost of living, the bike-Nazis taking over downtown SLO. The Crazy Mayor pushing her progressive anti-growth policies on the city. These are the issues that are a win for Republicans in California and SLO County!