SLO County students strike against climate change

March 16, 2019

Several dozen San Luis Obispo County students skipped school on Friday, joining more than a million students from 123 countries, to demand stronger climate policies. [Cal Coast Times]

Locally, students demands included opposition to the Plains All American pipeline project, opposition to the Cat Canyon oil project, and to have SLO County join the city of SLO’s commitment to carbon neutrality.

During the demonstration outside the San Luis Obispo County Government Center, participants held signs and spoke about climate change and the need for a healthy planet.

Even though the protest was scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., shortly after noon all the protestors had left some leaving the area littered with their campaign signs.


How about not using electricity or fossil fuel for one whole day as a protest? Geez. Ditching school. What a sacrifice. Teaching our future rulers how apply social engineering on others with no need to sacrifice themselves.


How many of them will forgo a drivers license and car?….please don’t use the kids….parents talk to your children and if you find that anyone in their school is telling them we have only 12 years to fix climate change you must get involved…stop the propaganda and scare tactics….


The photo shows that many of the “dozens” were adults. Hmn. Outside agitators, or chaperones?

Was HRH Harmon there? Or did she play hooky from demagoguery for the day? Did they ban plastic this and that’s?

Obviously a high impact event — hey, they were lined up along the curb, how could that not have impact?


As you disregard the millions of protesters all over the world in 156 countries.


I guess for these future leaders taking care of the planet doesn’t include cleaning up after themselves.


I think it’s great that people feel strongly enough about an issue that they will exercise the First Amendment Right to assembly, but any positive effect protesting for a clean environment is defeated if you leave a mess. Come on guys, If you pack it in, you pack it out.


Miss school….. School District loses money for attendance.

They can’t articulate intelligently what the issues are……

And they leave a mess….. “Rebels without a cause”!


I read that there were about 70 which relates to about 70 irresponsible parents who allowed their children to skip school to protest against something that I’m sure they knew very little or nothing about. Probably would have been much better off in the classroom getting an education. But then I’m sure that there were some teachers that were there too. Probably all waiting for the free stuff that is being promised to them.

Ben Daho

I love it. They are taking charge of THEIR WORLD! they are becoming aware. they are understanding and hopefully, some of them will serve their country honorably and without influence from corporations


Awareness begins with cleaning up your own crap.


“Several dozen?” That many?

Buncha naive tools whose parents are living vicariously through them. They left a mess too. How expected of them.