Are you a San Luis Obispo County New Progressive?

April 6, 2019

Tribune columnist Tom Fulks


Well Tom Fulks is at it again. In last Sunday’s Tribune, their favorite leftist columnist called for the defeat of San Luis Obispo County supervisors Debbie Arnold and John Peschong in 2020 in his quest to pack the board with nothing but New Progressives.

Next, he’ll go after Supervisor Lynn Compton in 2022, trying for a grand slam Progressive takeover of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, shutting out any alternative voices on the board.

As the minister of propaganda for the local New Progressive movement, Fulks has labeled these hard-working public servants as “Trumpists” in the hopes of whipping his fledgling followers into a feeding frenzy. In his version of “hate speak,” Fulks revealed his true chops as a propagandist, using trigger words designed to incite his minions to salivate like Pavlov’s dogs.

Then he states that Arnold and Peschong “should be replaced by public servants who disavow rigid ideology and believe elective office should benefit all the people, not just those who voted for them.” Surely, there is no one who is more devoted to New Progressive ideology than Mayor Heidi Harmon, and no local government is more locked into pushing that ideology than the San Luis Obispo City Council.

Don’t the following circumstances demonstrate how facetious this Fulks’ statement was? Consider those marijuana moguls who were recently awarded the right to sell their products in San Luis Obispo as approved by its City Council. Those selected happened to be major contributors to the campaigns of Harmon and councilmembers Carlyn Christianson and Erika Stewart.

Mayor Heidi Harmon

Then comes CCN’s revelation that these and other public officials bankrolled by those “winners” in the marijuana industry had failed to disclose a number of financial contributions from them in their originally submitted campaign-finance reports. Now they’re busily filing multiple revised Form 460s after the fact to avoid being investigated by the Fair Political Practices Commission for their failure to disclose those contributions.

Something’s rotten in the state of our New Progressive-led local government.

But in firing his first salvo of the 2020 local election season, we should give pause and reflect upon Fulks’ New Progressive propaganda. Before yielding to it, voters should ask themselves, Could I be a New Progressive?

Could you be a New Progressive?

As someone who has come face-to-face with the viciousness of the New Progressives and who has come to know what drives them, here is a list of 16 statements that capture the essence of their movement. Scroll down the list and ask yourself whether you agree or disagree with each of them:

1. Will I want what we want and I want it now, but at someone else’s expense?

2. I believe that everything I read and hear in the mass media and social media is the unvarnished truth.

3. I believe unconditionally in the group think of our Progressive leaders and their followers, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

4. I believe in alternate facts and revisionist history while rejecting any documented history that is at cross purposes with my beliefs.

5. I believe in big government and that big government can do no wrong.

6. I believe I am owed an affordable place to live wherever I want to live, regardless of the inability of local infrastructure and resources needed to sustain it.

7. I believe in open borders, despite the collateral damage of innocent Americans dying at the hands of illegal immigrants.

8. I believe we should impeach President Donald Trump, regardless of the results of the Mueller report.

9. I believe that Jussie Smollett was completely innocent of the charges against him, regardless of the evidence that proved otherwise.

10. I believe we should receive free medical care for all, free childcare, and free college tuition at the expense of the richest Californians.

11. I believe in the “Green New Deal,” regardless of its dire consequences to our economy and our way of life.

12. I believe we should tax only the wealthy for what we want because we outnumber them.

13. I believe that all people should live the way I want them to live.

14. I believe I deserve everything I want without my having to work for it.

15. I believe that anyone who does not agree with all aspects of my ideology is my enemy.

16. If it takes Socialism to make my beliefs come true, then I believe in Socialism.

If you agree with eight to 16 of the statements, you’ve probably already identified yourself as a New Progressive. On the other hand, if you disagree with most of these statements, congratulations! You’re an independent thinker and now is the time for exercising those thoughts.

Despite the fact that the New Progressives are giving the original Progressives a bad name, their movement has metastasized itself within today’s Democratic Party.

As a Democrat for most of my life, it’s sad to see what has become of the party that no longer resembles what it once was. In its lurch to the extreme left, it has now become the party of anger, fear, hate, distortion, obstruction, and ignorance.

Something’s got to give. We can’t afford to let the thought control of Tom Fulks and his New Progressive sycophants prevail. It’s already gone too far. It’s time for us to stand up to this menace before it goes any further.


I read part of folks article and decided if i read anymore I’d get sick, whats the matter with this guy he’s like his hero hill just every so often he goes off his meds and starts spewing stupid, everything was kinda quiet on that front till he comes along, hopefully he just makes himself look dumber.


Ope.. it’s fulks…


Tom Fulks just makes money being a propagandist for his team. He has no other productive job in society. He sells himself to politicians. That’s it folks. He just needs to make more money defeating the “enemy”.He just sells, like a car salesman. And this anti-Trump stuff sells to his base. No question the “New Progressives” are a malignant force in the US, but this guy sells to the local apparatchiks. That’s all. I don’t take him seriously.


More right wing drivel from Keith Gurnee. Think for yourself people.


Er, you didn’t respond with key facts to counter his arguments. Please elaborate instead of ad-hominem remarks to the author.


I am in favor of national health care and helping the mentally ill, but this group of thugs who call themselves Progressive has got to go. At last week’s city council meeting, an older man said he was speaking at a meeting for the first time. He said his issue and then began to provide a solution when Queen Harmon interrupted explaining the council was responsible for solutions not the public. The city attorney should have told Harmon this was his three minutes to say what he wants and not for Harmon to control his freedom of speech. But this group of council members ignore laws and trample on the rights of citizens.


Bitter, much?


Good luck in getting this in the Tribune where it should be for wider coverage!! Just dreaming I guess.



I AGREE with T. Keith Gurnee!

The so-called SLO Progressives are really a bunch of entitled jerks who want to spend other people’s money and preach to the rest of us while they ignore common sense. Their political record is shameful, and they have given us unbridled downtown development, lawlessness associated with drug legalization, corruption and a city government with the wrong priorities.

In the last election, the so-called ‘progressives’ funded their political campaign by taking campaign contributions from the drug dealer crowd, who offered them the money in return for rigging the process for marijuana distribution. Get it? the sanctimonious ‘progressives’ criticize others, but embrace drug dealers, out-of-town developers and political corruption in their quest for power.

SLO County DA Dan Dow needs to investigate the corruption of people like Heidi Harmon, Carlyn Christianson, Erika Stewart, Jeff Lee, Miriam Shah, Adam Hill, Caren Ray Rossum, Barbara Nichols, Dawn Addis, Jeff Headding, and determine if their political quid pro quo with the drug dealers is, in fact political corruption.

If it is…Lock them up!

Reject phony SLO Progressives!


In 2008 we didn’t have sanctuary cities and we had a democrat party that enforced our borders more than the Republicans did but now we have a democrat party that says it’s ok to break our laws and allow foreign invaders to enter our country and give them everything they can ask for and never pay society back. In fact democrats care more about illegal immigrants than African Americans, Native Americans etc, remember it’s about party first and Americans last.

nazbol gang

Dennis Prager? Is that you? Or are you channeling Dinesh D’souza?

Let me level with you in the spirit of cooperation and shared interests. If y’all want to defeat people like Heidi Harmon, do Tucker Carlson and Andrew Yang, and not so much Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. The whole boomer individualist classical liberalism bit is a dead cat bounce, we live in a different world now. The 20th century is over.


I beg to disagree. Even moderate Democrats see right through this.


Oh God help us


Some SLO fine citizens actually need to hit the wall before they learn….watching the wall headed towards them is not enough I guess….