Marijuana dealer escapes from Lompoc federal prison

April 6, 2019

Heriberto Gonzalez

An inmate serving time for intent to distribute marijuana walked away from the minimum security Federal Correctional Complex in Lompoc on Friday, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 10:25 p.m., prison guards discovered Heriberto Gonzalez, 55, was missing. Prison officials then notified the U.S. Marshals Service and other law enforcement agencies, but authorities have yet to locate Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was serving a 33-month sentence out of Texas for aiding, abetting, and possession with intent to distribute between 110 pounds to 220 pounds of marijuana. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 230 pounds.

The minimum security facility, also known as a satellite camp, is adjacent to the medium security federal penitentiary in Lompoc. In recent years, more than a dozen inmates have walked away from the Lompoc prison camp.

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Should not be in prison to start with.

Well, weed is legal now, right?

Not in Texas, which has some of the toughest anti-pot laws. Pot traffickers from California get way more time smuggling weed to Texas then other states.

perhaps looking for honest work…on highway 46 west in Templeton…..

Uh… the badge and uniform set don’t make the laws and since he is serving a sentence from a Texas court I guess, apparently, Texans haven’t quite reached the Homocannabinoid level of evolution.

He can crash at my place while he’s on the lam.

Why are we still holding people in prison for vending marijuana in 2019? Everybody knows better. It’s just stubbornness on the part of the badges-and-uniforms set.

Doubtful we’re looking at an honest vendor of natural products designed for the betterment of mankind…..just a guess

Step 1) pay off the correct people. Step 2) sell cannabis. This guy skipped step 1.