McClatchy downsizing, SLO Tribune moving headquarters

April 11, 2019

As part of a downsizing of the newspaper’s operation, the San Luis Obispo Tribune is moving to a new, smaller office. [Tribune]

In an article penned by The Tribune’s local editor Joe Tarica, the newspaper announced it will move on Monday to an office located on Tank Farm Road near Broad Street. Specifically, the daily newspaper is moving to Suite 220 inside the Edna Valley Office Building at 745 Tank Farm Road.

The Tribune will be departing its South Higuera Street location that was custom-designed for a newspaper publishing operation in 1993. Now, the printing presses are long gone from the South Higuera Street location, and The Tribune has a smaller staff that focuses on digital news, Tarica wrote in the article.

The Tribune is now primarily printed in Santa Maria. Also, as a result of McClatchy’s recent nationwide reorganization of its newspapers, The Tribune now has a an out-of-town publisher, as well as a regional editor based in Sacramento.

On Wednesday, McClatchy’s stock closed at $3.95, the lowest it has been in recent months, if not years. The newspaper publisher is currently faced with a $150 million lawsuit that was filed by United States Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) over reporting by The Fresno Bee.

The Tribune is closing its South Higuera Street office Thursday evening. It will then use the next three days to move to the Tank Farm Road office building.


It cracks me up that the Trib puts national news on the front page. By the time anyone reads it, it’s a day or two old. I wonder if they understand we have something called the internet where we see national news as it happens.


Wow! Only $3.95 a share to go and the part of the swamp will be cleaner. Keep the good work up Trib your efforts are appreciated as your stock and readership declines.


It turns out people don’t “like” constant propaganda and therefore don’t read the Tribune or buy it. Who could have seen that coming?

It’s not so much that they moved too far left….it’s more that they merely parrot what the sheriff, local authorities and of course the McClatchy brass tells them to print.

Truth is secondary and often antagonistic to the “message” and people hate it.


The Tribune quit being relevant years ago!

They quit any type of investive reporting or actual news reporting, except for cut and paste(Andrew Holland etc)from other news organizations:(

Plus the constant pressing of their own political agenda became quite tiring:(

Would be nice to have a local “news”paper!!!


Just like CNN and MSNBC, (whose ratings are dropping like stones), they can’t see the forest for the trees. Maybe they think Socialism will happen eventually, and they can become the “State” newspaper.

what the

SLO Trib is imploding.


Next they’ll be operating out of a closet in Adam Hill’s home. What a shame to see the TT devolve into a two-page bird cage liner. Congrats to Tarica, Fulks, Cuddy et all for driving a “progressive” stake into its heart…… and then twisting it until it squealed.


I dropped my subscription years ago after Bob Cuddy went over the edge defending Congresswoman Lois Capps.

Mitch C

The tribune is on its last legs. For what is left they could move into a phone booth. On my morning walks I was accustomed to passing numerous newspaper stands, today there is but one that I am aware of. The problem with the tribune is that they have moved too far left; their reporting is not balanced nor informative. Another institution is about to enter the history books.


Obviously the Internet and cable have taken a toll on newspapers, but it’s the Tribune’s BLATANT political partisanship that’s ultimately killing up.

The Tribune hasn’t been a real NEWSpaper for many years.

Rich in MB

Maybe they can investigate the Russian Collusion story….lots of need for that narrative in SLO County.