Woman killed in 5 vehicle crash at Oceano Dunes

April 20, 2019

A woman died Friday night following a five-vehicle crash at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area, according to KSBY.

Shortly after 8 p.m., the vehicles collided south of the Vent Pipe area. Dispatchers sent multiple emergency personal to the state park, which was crowded with tourists because of the holiday weekend.

First on the scene, park rangers performed CPR on the unresponsive woman and were able to restart blood flow. After arriving at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, the woman’s condition deteriorated and she died.

The deceased woman’s name and the names of the other victims are not being released at this time pending notifications of relatives.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.


The drop offs on The dunes are formed by winds. If a person heads out with caution from beach to easterly side of dunes they will find the drop offs with no harm . But if a person goes fast they will end up in a bad situation . As i have always found when riding the dunes I’m going down dunes heading east and going up dunes heading west .If I ride south or north either way it is more rolling than drop offs .The flags attached are to be able to see another vehicle before crossing its path …for night use people have lit flags they are 8 to 20 feet in height .. Flags required on all dune vehicles .Day flags the light doesn’t help but the flags should be of neon color. I have rode and camped the dunes since 1973 all my 5 adult children grew up on the dunes beginning in 1989 none of us have never been hurt there .Except our wallets


I would say 90 percent of the problems are from tourist or weekend warrior tourist . .I have many many nights and days on the dunes and beach … And it has always been a tourist at the root … I was laying on deck on my RV dude pulls up with his rig from the valley parks his rig like my deck is his deck … The only locals I see doing harm besides the valley people is the homeless aka layabouts camp filled with garbage and left behind


Im no environmental nut, but after using the dunes for 30 years the last time I was on them and what will be the last time I’ll ever go on them I was disgusted at the garbage,broken glass and half burned pallets laying around. Once upon a time you could drive south and it was 13 miles to Devils slide. Now cram in 5000 into a space a 5th that size and this is what you get. Just a sad deal all around. Frankly, its just another state run failure.


People are complete idiots out there. They drink, litter, light fires, and race. I hate cars on the beach. the greed of the revenue that it brings in inst worth lives. Surprised only 1 person died. I’ve lived here for 30 years and this just keep getting worse.


5 vehicle crash!? How is that even possible..


with booze and reckless behavior, anything stupid can happen


Basically one drove off the cliff and the other 4 behind him/her felt it was the wise thing to do. I’m just shocked that not one stopped at the edge to look over. This violates everything we’ve ever learned that made sense while running 4 X 4’s and ATV’s out there since the ’70’s.

The rule of thumb unless I’ve totally got it wrong is to run cautious AWAY from the ocean because those huge lips or cliffs have been created with the winds. Coming back in toward the ocean (east to west) you’ll see it all much better.

Poor people.


Close the dunes.


close the border too


Build a wall around the dunes, too.


How do you have a 5 vehicle fatal collision on a beach? Oh, I forgot, it’s not a beach, it’s a Bakersfield redneck drag strip.


I have been wanted cars off the beach for years. The state and county are greed driven


Greed driven or is it thousands of people like me who lobby to keep OHV open and accessible as our families really enjoy it? When you ride throughout the state and witness many ohv closures perhaps you understand why we fight for whats left.