Thief steals sex toy in Grover Beach, leads police on chase

May 23, 2019

Joseph Frank Hyde

A San Miguel man stole a sex toy from Diamond Adult World in Grover Beach Tuesday evening, which prompted a police chase that ultimately led to his arrest in Atascadero. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 8 p.m., Joseph Frank Hyde, 30, pilfered the item from Diamond Adult World at 984 W. Grand Avenue and used force to get away from the store clerk. Hyde attempted to run over the worker with a motorcycle, escalating the theft to a robbery, according to the Grover Beach Police Department.

No one suffered injuries during the robbery. Soon after, officers recognized Hyde, as well as his motorcycle, from contact they had with him just prior to the robbery.

Hyde fled officers on the motorcycle, heading southbound on Highway 101. Officers chased Hyde for a few minutes but called off the pursuit when the threat to public safety became too great, police say. Authorities issued a “be on the lookout” to local law enforcement agencies.

At about 11:30 p.m., Atascadero police located Hyde and detained him without incident. Officers booked Hyde into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, felony evading police and various drug charges.

Hyde remains in custody with his bail set at $70,000, according to the county sheriff’s office website.


Despite the clever and humorous comments below, this is a serious offense and calls for more bail. A thief, and then he tries to injure a human with a probably seven hundred pound motorcycle, and flees arrest? Obviously your typical biker dirtbag. Too bad he didn’t take himself out in a crash fleeing the cops. We can use less of his ilk in our county.


Oh what lengths people go to……..


Wait till he finds out it comes without batteries….


Hope he gets a stiff sentence.


Anyone remember when the bomb squad showed up to defuse a dildo found in the street in San Luis Obispo? Good thing that didn’t go off! Didnt the Tribune break that story? In not making this up.


Times are getting tough in San Miguel gotta venture to south county for sex toys ….I bet his cellies are laughing there asses off …I wonder if he tried sneak the toy into the jail ….and got caught ….another hilarious charge. …the judge will probably have a hard time no pun intended keeping a straight face LOL