Thieves utilize a backhoe to nab Atascadero bank’s ATM

May 28, 2019

A thief or thieves used a backhoe to try to steal an ATM from an Atascadero bank Monday night, ultimately giving up on the effort after partially removing the machine, according to police. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 10:30 p.m., the thief or thieves arrived at Pacific Premier Bank in the 7400 block of El Camino Real. After using the backhoe to partially remove the ATM, the suspect or suspects fled the scene.

Officers arrived and found the ATM in the bank parking lot. The backhoe and a truck were also left behind.

The truck had been reported stolen out of Paso Robles earlier in the evening. Investigators request that anyone who has information about the case call Sgt. Jeff Wilshusen at (805) 470-5035.


Don’t see that in L.A. …..


Watched this type of thing happen in West Memphis Tennessee; a couple of guys with a 3/4 ton Chevy and tow chain pulled an ATM out of the front window of a convenience store and drove off with it down the road.

Jorge Estrada

Stupid + Stupid = Tweekers


Stupid + Stupid could also = Alcoholics


I thought backhoes were for locating gas lines


wasn’t this a breaking bad episode? Probably where they got the idea.


Does that fall under cash advance or partial withdrawal ???? Dirtbags again .. Maybe they can get Heavy Equipment training in prison ….they’d make more at a union job than that ATM was keeping from them


Round up the usual suspects…. Those guys mustve been jonesin for sure


Geniuses, the stolen truck and backhoe might have been worth more than whatever cash they may have gotten out of the ATM, of course the cash is easier to spend I guess.


No one likes a quitter…