Adam Hill, Heidi Harmon and the Regional Code of Civility

June 9, 2019

Supervisor Adam Hill

A year ago, seven mayors and the five members of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors agreed on a Regional Code of Civility, with a goal of raising politeness between those of differing political views. Elected officials pledged to be courteous and to respect varying opinions. [Cal Coast Times]

“We are in unanimous agreement on one important point: The caustic incivility across the current political landscape is damaging our democracy — not just at the national level, but also at our local level,” the group announced.

Since then, several public officials have continued to label people registered under opposing political parties or with differing viewpoints as either racist, homophobic, sexist or anti-Semitic.

At a San Luis Obispo Council of Governments meeting on June 5, during a discussion on a state required regional housing needs assessment, Gary Kirkland, a Libertarian and property rights advocate, asked the board to discount state housing requirements.

“At Nuremberg, the people who were on trial there said, ‘Well I was putting people in the gas chamber cause that was the law and that was what I had to do,’ ” Kirkland said. “That defense didn’t work in Nuremberg and it shouldn’t work here. Just because the state tells you you have to do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

Supervisor Adam Hill, a Democrat, called the speaker stupid and said Kirkland needed to think twice before comparing local governments to the “annihilation of European Jews.”

“And if you don’t like being called stupid, then tell this Jew to his face what you think about him,” Hill said.

On May 21 during a San Luis Obispo City Council meeting, Republican Jeffrey Specht asked Mayor Heidi Harmon, a Democrat, if the city’s sanctuary designation was likely to increase homelessness and crime. He voiced concerns that increased numbers of illegal immigrants could reduce resources currently spent on the city’s homeless population.

Harmon responded by telling Specht his question was “inherently racist.”

On June 4, Specht returned to the council and asked Harmon if she considered Canadians and Australians racist because they believe in legal immigration. He then chastised Harmon for a lack of civility.

“When I asked what I believe was a very sensible question, you accused me of being a racist,” Specht said. “It would seem that anytime someone does not agree with you, you resort to childish name calling. What you are doing here, in my opinion, is inciting hate and violence.”


The dynamic duo of Hill, Harmon, and their sycophants are at it again. Their stunt of authorizing the so-called “Civility Resolution” when they had no intent to abide by it is demonstrated whenever they open their mouths. And the League of Women Voters bought into it lock, stock, and barrel.

It’s both remarkable and sad to see what has become of our city and county. As inane as Heidi might be, it cannot compare to the insidiousness of Adam Hill as the most negative influence in our local politics. How did it come that our voters would not only tolerate their embarrassing performances but to actually advocate them?

It’s time to fight for who we once were and apparently no longer are. It’s time to repudiate these “New Progressives” who are totally reversing the good work our original Progressives did. Or am I just howling at the wind?


Mr. TKG,

Your observations are astute, and Hill, Harmon & Co. have proven to be a destructive voice in our local politics. One day their reign will end, and voters will then see how negative the situation has become.

On another note, the people should understand the the so-called ‘League of Women’s Voters’ is just a subunit of the progressive Democrats. Most people dismiss their advocacy.

Thanks for staying involved.


All the complaining in the world will do nothing. I complain a lot but I know the only thing that can possibly matter is my vote. But then again, election results continue to be a head-scratcher for me.


Confusing nation of origin with race is rampant on both sides of the political aisle. When I refer to someone from Canada as a Canadian, or someone from Ireland as Irish, it’s a-okay. But let me refer to someone from Mexico as a Mexican, and I’m a racist in the eyes of one side, and by the other side, someone who “also” resents any and all South-of-the-border Spanish-speaking immigrants.

I know a Mexican lady with light olive skin and beautiful green eyes who barely speaks English; her wonderful English-fluent Mexican husband looks like photos of the branch of my own family generations ago from Mexico, very dark brown and handsome, little Spaniard but a lot of la raza, for lack of better word. I neither know nor care if they are American citizens; I know them to be great folks and am glad they are my fellow sharers of this great place.

Civility is LIVE AND LET LIVE.

But the SLO City mindset seems to be LIVE LIKE ME OR ELSE.


The point of the article is valid, with one qualification, that the elected officials described are mentally healthy, sound leaders ( regardless of ideology). But the behaviors manifest indicate much insecurity and the lack of psychological skill set needed to lead and govern. Harmon especially is very worrisome. Hill has admitted his issues. Regardless, they need to be held accountable and get help.


The folks who need the help are the ones who voted for them.


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Clearly Adam Hill and Heidi Harmon are two of the most UNCIVIL public figures on the entire Central Coast. These two attack anyone who disagrees with their whacky far-left politics, and concerned citizens should vote them out-of-office.

Adam Hill to a constituent: ““And if you don’t like being called stupid, then tell this Jew to his face what you think about him,” Get it? Adam Hill calls for civil discourse, and then hides behind his religion as he incites hate and assaults taxpayers.

Heidi Harmon: When a taxpayer questioned the wisdom of SLO courting illegal aliens, Harmon responded: “your question was “inherently racist.” Get it? Harmon deflects a taxpaying citizens rightful inquiry of why public figures are diverting our tax dollars to illegal aliens, and she responds by labeling that man a racist!

Please DO NOT support Heidi Harmon, Adam Hill, or the whacky progressive Democrats.

Speak truth to power.


Great article, Josh. Seems some of us do

not deserve civility from Supervisor Hill.


Harmon and Hill would like to limit the conversation to their own points of view, and exclude others. Their behavior is disgusting, but, hey, they got re-elected so apparently feel they have a right to be anti-democratic dopes. Behavior like their’s will not only stifle progress, it will destroy democratic conversation about possible alternatives to what’s in their own tiny minds.

Rich in MB

In some respects this is a dog bites man situation. The left short on intellectual arguments quickly resort to attacks.

As the world turns

Huh? “…short on intellectual arguments quickly resort to attacks.” What do you think the author is doing? Y’all are hypocrites.