California to ban hairstyle discrimination

June 28, 2019

The California Legislature has passed a bill that would ban discrimination against hairstyles and enshrine equal rights protections in law for individuals who have afros, braids and other types of hair on their heads. [Cal Coast Times]

Following a 37-0 vote in the California Senate, the state Assembly voted 69-0 Thursday in favor of SB 188. The bill, which now heads to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk, would make California the first state in the country to ban discrimination against hairstyles.

SB 188 would make it illegal to discriminate in employment practices, including hiring and firing, over hair texture and protective hairstyles. The ban on hairstyle discrimination would also apply to housing and public education.

Additionally, the bill would redefine race in California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as in its equal rights in education statute, to also include traits historically associated with race, including but not limited to hair texture and protective hairstyles. The bill aims to counter alleged discrimination against black workers and prospective workers over their hair and allow them to keep their natural hairstyle.

“Professionalism was, and still is, closely linked to European features and mannerisms, which entails that those who do not naturally fall into Eurocentric norms must alter their appearances, sometimes drastically and permanently, in order to be deemed professional,” the bill states. “Workplace dress code and grooming policies that prohibit natural hair, including afros, braids, twists and locks, have a disparate impact on Black individuals as these policies are more likely to deter Black applicants and burden or punish Black employees than any other group.”

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One other thought. What about protections for people who can’t grow hair on their heads? This law might violate the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

So….. let me get this straight.. PG&E is about to turn off the power during high wind events for up to a week at a time to mitigate the danger of wildfires, and the legislature thought this was it’s most pressing business?

What if the hairstyle creates a health or safety issue in the workplace?

BS an employer should be able to hire and fire as he pleases and not what a bunch of political correct socialist politicians dictate.

Well its about time they did something worthwhile…..

Finally, finally, finally they got it done.. This has been so important that the waiting game has turned my hair white. I am so glad that our executive public officials have finally completed what they are being paid to do, represent our priorities and act on them. The next publicity stunt might be the requirement of street side public restrooms? This can be a requirement for all commercial projects, watch your step! Actually this would be a good one for congress, President Trump has discovered Pelosi can be recklessly experienced at this need.

Sweet. I’ll dye my fro hot pink and chartruse, apply for a job way over my head, and then sue when Im not hired based off hairdoo discrimination. This is a joke right??

Finally the California legislature is getting their priorities straight. Wait was that a pun?

I can’t tell anymore, it’s all so tiresome

Oh, rats!

So glad all our other problems are solved so our representatives can tackle the more important issues like this and tiny shampoo bottles.

Is our state government so bored they have to drum things up to pass a law??? How silly and a waste of time and tax money.

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