Cambria agrees to abide by open meeting laws

June 21, 2019

Julie Tacker

The Cambria Community Services District agreed to stop charging for emailed agendas after receiving a cease and desist letter from activist Julie Tacker. [Cal Coast Times]

Last month, Assistant General Manager Monique Madrid invited the public to go to the district website to subscribe for agendas. On the website, the district charged $36 a year for emailed agendas in violation of the Public Records Act and the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Tacker, an expert in sunshine laws, sent a cease and desist demand to the district asking them to stop the practice, reimburse fees or face a lawsuit.

In her letter, Tacker noted the fee had been inequitably applied and may have disenfranchised low or fixed income residents from participating.

Tim Carmel, Cambria’s legal counsel, thanked Tacker for “bringing another matter relating to compliance with the Brown Act to our attention,” and agreed to stop the practice and return any fees collected.

“The district takes compliance with the requirements of the Brown Act seriously, and in that respect we are appreciative of your diligence in seeking to assure such compliance,” Carmel wrote. “Based on our review of the statutes, we have advised CCSD staff to discontinue the fee for emailed subscriptions.”

The Ralph M. Brown Act was passed in 1953 because of mounting concerns that government bodies were avoiding scrutiny by meeting secretly. The act guarantees the public the right to attend and participate in meetings of legislative bodies, and to have forewarning of discussion items through agendas.

“I just want access for all,” Tacker said. “The fee was collected illegally and I’m thrilled the funds will be returned.”


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nazbol gang

Just mentioning Cambria next to that picture says it all LMAO!


Ha, follow the Rule Of Law.

Who’da thunk it.



Mr. CC Marauder,

I agree, the whacky Democrat Party has abandoned the rule-of-law, and they seek to take this country backwards, so we must encourage all decent people to abandon support for these whacky liberals.

A perfect example is Democrats embracing so-called ‘Sanctuary City/State’ policies, where taxpayer money is handed over to lawbreakers. Preposterous!

Another whacky Democrat policy is their moratorium on the death penalty, where cop killers, serial killers only get ‘three hots and a cot’, while we pay to support them until they die.

Get it? Democrats DO NOT deserve our support in 2020.


Ha, do you know how many times citizens cite the Brown Act at Paso council meetings both left and right to a pretty Right leaning board that actually works well together. It’s not left or right, it is about people. Target people whom are bad, not their beliefs. We are people, not a political party or even a nation first, God bearing people. Please stop creating segregation with comments like that. We are way past Jim Crow. Unity over segregation.


And also, Kevin Rice aka Mjd; relax and provide some sources cited and facts to validate your rambunctious feelings. Idk why you change user names so frequently yet post the same things in same format all over Slo county.

Kevin Rice

Hey, dumbass. I’m right here. My user name doesn’t change. And I use my real name unlike you, coward.

Paso is Right-leaning? That’s funny stuff, oldtimer.


Thank you, Jullie Tacker.

This behavior by a government official is so egregious, Assistant General Manager Monique Madrid ought to be fired immediately.

Where do they find these people?


If carmel was any kind of lawyer he would have caught that, how much other stuff gets by him.


Carmel’s law firm failure over and over in Arroyo Grande costing the residents lots of money, hope Cambria has better luck.


Thank you, Julie for your success here!! Kudos to Carmel for being gracious, but a pity he didn’t catch it first and needed Julie to tell him the law.


My thoughts as well, thanks Julie for your unrelenting support of the public in governmental affairs. Sadly, so many of our officials, elected or appointed, have forgotten what our system is all about, us.

Many years ago I approached the county clerk for some public info, I was refused. I had to get a Supervisor (thanks David Blakely for your help) to intervene.

Tim, why didn’t you quench this before it became an issue?