Drunkenness and rule-breaking mar Cal Poly graduation

June 19, 2019

Graduation festivities at Cal Poly last weekend did not go exactly as planned, with a pair of arrests for public intoxication and numerous complaints about how the event was organized and run.

This year, the university reduced the number of graduation ceremonies from three to two and pushed back the Sunday ceremony to 5 p.m. Administrators said they were trying to keep everyone out of the midday sun. [KSBY]

Saturday’s ceremony reportedly proceeded without significant problems. But, due in part to the later start time, many graduates showed up intoxicated to the Sunday ceremony.

Video shows one graduate passed out and being carried away on a stretcher.

Additionally, capacity issues arose at the Sunday ceremony. The university limited each graduate to seven tickets for guests.

At least several people were caught entering the ceremony unauthorized. Some of the individuals without tickets took seats belonging to people who had tickets, university officials said

Other critiques of the event included that the late start time prevented some graduates from celebrating with their family after the event. Also, some graduates were said to be cutting lines to receive their diplomas.

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Drunkenness? Cal Poly? The hell you say!

Not surprising. The Cal Poly admin took financial advantage of students every step of the way. Students were treated as a financial resource to fund the admin’s continued bumbling. Maybe this was the student’s final comment to “the system”.

Drunk, stupid, obnoxious and violent behavior. Sounds just like some city employees, fire department workers, and San Luis Obispo Police Department police “officers”. Why am I not surprised?

In reality how should that Saturday be any different than any other Saturday for our beloved Cal Poly students, right? I do not understand how in the heck someone could or would want to become extremely drunk to look like an ass in front of thousands of onlookers.

First world problem.